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Today’s episode starts with Nandini touching Bansuri’s feet. Bansuri worry for Nandini. Nandini asks Bansuri not to worry as Darsh has a habit of seeing her by his heart and he is not affected with her clothes. Gunn asks Nandini to hurry up.


Here, Vipul talks with Rawal’s. He says if Darsh will learn that his eye-sight can be revived, he himself will cancel his alliance with Nandini. He says they should hold Darsh’s alliance with Nandini for a while. Candyman asks Vipul to discuss with Rajvi once. Vipul asks Parul to stop Gunn and Nandini from coming to the house. Candyman stops Parul from calling Nandini. He says let Gunn and Nandini come today as they will discuss about the matter with Rajvi and will come to any conclusion. Parul hangs up the call.

There, Bansuri cleans Gunn’s room. She finds Nandini’s cloth trunk in Gunn’s room and gets shocked. Other side, Nandini and Gunn reach Rawal house. Parul welcome both. She introduces Rawal’s to Nandini and Gunn yet again. Gunn and Nandini stands shocked seeing Rakla. Parul tells Rakla is Niral’s husband. Nandini asks Gunn to stay away from Rakla. Gunn asks Nandini to keep her advice with her. Vipul talk with Chetan. Chetan support Vipul and says for Darsh and SHobhit’s future they should definetly rethink upon their decision.


Ahead, Nandini visit Darsh’s room. Darsh shows Nandini his room. Both accidentally falls on each other. Later, Darsh decides to show Nandini his best paintings. Meanwhile, Vipul talks with Candyman and says fixing Darsh’s alliance with Nandini is not a right decision. He decides to visit Darsh’s doctor as soon as possible.

At kitchen, Nirali works. Gunn comes from behind and taunts her for staying at outhouse. Rakla comes from behind. Nirali leave the place. Gunn calls Rakla servant. Rakla decides to check upon Gunn so that she doesn’t block his way. He thinks Gunn is at Rawal house for money sake.


Furthermore, Gunn and Shobhit talks with each other. She sees Rakla and holds Shobhit’s hand. Shobhit receives a call from Charmi. He avoids Charmi’s call. Charmi decides to check upon Shobhit.

Later, Darsh talks with Nandini and steps down from stairs. Darsh’s slip. Gunn taunts Nandini for not taking care of Darsh. Nandini pretends to slip too from the stair so that Darsh doesn’t feel bad. Parul gets happy seeing Nandini’s support for Darsh. Darsh takes Nandini with him (Episode Ends)

Precap: Moped spikes Darsh’s ice-cream. Nandini worries for Darsh


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