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Drama to galore in Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani with Ahir reaching Anokhi’s hostel and finding Shaurya in her room!


Show is witnessing interesting drama with Anokhi taking care of Shaurya. Shaurya calls Anokhi and latter doesn’t receive his calls. Shaurya land in Anokhi’s room to talk with her but falls ill post getting wet in rain. Anokhi feels guilty for not receiving Shaurya’s call. She accuse herself for Shaurya’s condition post latter health deteriorates.

Further, Anokhi seek Bubbly’s help to take a tip to cure Shaurya’s fever. Bubbly asks Anokhi to keep wet handkerchief on Shaurya’s forehead. Shaurya faints. Anokhi gets restless seeing Shaurya’s condition. She cries and confronts to sleeping Shaurya that she likes him a lot. She urges Shaurya to open his eyes. Anokhi decides to talk with Aastha but drops the idea thinking, latter will get restless unnecessarily.


Later, Anokhi’s roommate learns about Shaurya’s condition. She console Anokhi and asks her to take care of Shaurya. Other side, Devi worry for Shaurya. She asks Tej to find about Shaurya. Tej asks Devi to calm down as he has already made a police complaint. Devi than decides to look for Shaurya by herself.

Here, Ahir learns about Shaurya missing. He decides to check Shaurya at Anokhi’s hostel. Ahir unintentionally land into Anokhi’s room. He stands shocked spotting Shaurya in her room. Anokhi clarifies to Ahir that Shaurya accidentally landed in her room.


Now in the upcoming episode, Devi will confront Anokhi about Shaurya. Anokhi will stand speechless. Ahead, Shaurya will get smitten seeing Anokhi’s beauty. Do Shaurya and Anokhi will confess their love for each other? Well, time will only tell.

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