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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler: Veer goes with Rajeshwari leaving Rani

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 13th March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Birju cries seeing Rani’s condition and picks her. Veer calls Rani again but she didn’t pick the call and gets worried for. Rajeshwari calls Veer and asks him to return to house saying she is worried for him. He asks about Rani which irks her. She says she will inform him if Rani returns then and disconnects the call. She says he ignored her talks and worried about maid but it won’t continue and says his behaviour towards Rani will change soon. Veer thinks maybe Rani went to meet Ramadheer.


Birju brings Rani to hospital and goes to call Doctor leaving her alone. Veer hears noise from outside and comes out of his cabin. Police inspector asks Nurse to attend Ramadheer saying nothing should happen to him. Veer tells Nurse that they has to treat all the patients and asks her to arrange blood. Nurse says they doesn’t have that much manpower so they can’t attend everyone. He tells her to ask help from other hospitals saying they doesn’t have much time. She nods at him and leaves from there. He checks the patients one by one and shocks seeing Rani laying on the floor in unconscious state and runs towards her and shatters seeing her condition. Birju sees Veer and asks Nurse about him. She says it’s Veer’s hospital only. Veer asks Birju to how it happened to Rani. Birju says he will explain everything later and pleads him to save her first. Veer takes her to operation theater.

Rajeshwari talks to herself saying Rani’s lose was decided even before the game begins and now she is just waiting to hear the news. Goon calls Rajeshwari and informs her that Rani came there when they were attacking Ramadheer and says seems like her condition is critical. She shocks hearing him and drops the mobile. Dikvijay sees her and asks what happened to her.


Veer treats Rani and she talks about Ramadheer in her semi conscious state. He asks Nurse to bring the blood. He regrets for not picking her call and says he won’t let anything happen to her now. He finishes the treatment and informs Birju about her current condition. He recalls the moments he shared with her and cries.

Later, Rani regains her consciousness and asks for Ramadheer. She sees Ramadheer in front of her and recalls what all happened in his case recently. He smiles at her and wishes her for her birthday. She tried to get up from bed but he stops her saying she is still weak and says he knows that she wants to celebrate her birthday but today she needs rest so soon he will make sweet dish for her. She asks is this dream and asks him to pinch her. He says it’s reality only and kisses her saying he can’t hurt her. She says she knows that he will released from jail because he did nothing wrong. She says they will open the store soon and says Veer will be so happy if he got to about this then. He says Veer is busy with other patients. She calls Veer to inform about Ramadheer’s release. Vijay calls Vikram and informs something. Vikram wonders why Veer took this decision.


Episode ends.

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