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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler: Kiara tries insulting Rani in the party

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Episode begins with Rani calls Vijay and asks about Ramadheer saying she wants to meet her father. He says she can’t meet him now and asks her to reach Police station as soon as possible. She recalls what Rajeshwari told her about Lawyer and calls him and asks why he left the case. He says he can’t handle the case anymore. She pleads him to do something and asks how can he do this. He tells her not call him again and disconnects the call. She tores the pictures and breaks the stuffs and removes the decorations.


Veer stops her and asks what happened to her. She recalls Rajeshwari’s words. He asks why she is behaving like this and says Rajeshwari finally accepted him and kept party for them if she got to know all this then it will hurt her and he doesn’t want to hurt his mother. She leaves from there without saying anything. Rajeshwari smiles seeing Rani running out of the house and says only one queen can stay in this palace.

Vikram tells Kiara to stop drinking if she doesn’t want to die then. She says he keep stopping her. He snatches the bottle from her and he drinks it. Rajmata asks Dikvijay that how can he do this and asks did he ever thought to tell the truth to her and says his decision destroyed Rajeshwari’s happiness.


She asks how Rajeshwari will react if she got to know that Kumud is Veer’s mother. Kumud and Dikvijay shocks hearing her. Rajmata says she has to tell the truth to Rajeshwari because she has full rights to know this secret. Dikvijay pleads her to not tell anything to Rajeshwari. She says she took decision already.

Rani reaches Police station and says she wants to meet her father Ramadheer. They tells her to come tomorrow. She says she won’t go anywhere until she meets her father.Drunk Vikram tells Kiara that she should not come between Veer and Rani. He says she can’t separate them. Drunk Kiara says she won’t backoff and says Rani will go to hell then she will become daughter in law of Rajavat’s family.


Vijay comes there and Rani pleads him to help her. He says she can’t meet Ramadheer now. Veer comes there and asks why Rani didn’t informed him anything and asks Vijay that what’s happening here. Vijay tells Veer to take Rani from there. She says she won’t go anywhere without meeting Ramadheer.

Veer yells at her for doing drama like this and asks why she is behaving like this. She reveals the truth about the case to him and says her father may die anytime and she wants to assure herself that he is doing fine seeing him and says she cries. He hugs her and says nothing will happen to Ramadheer. Vikram gives money to Priest and marries Kiara.

Episode ends.


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