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Barrister Babu 6th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Manorama requesting Bondita to open the door. Bondita while leaving, bumps into the revolutionary man. He falls down and notices the letter got stuck with Bondita’s dupatta. He thinks the bomb making strategy is written on paper. Manorama can get caught. Bondita recognizes the man. She tries to catch him. Manorama manages to come out of the room and distracts Bondita by calling Anirudh. The revolutionary man runs away. Manorama thinks of stopping Bondita from reading the letter.


Sampurna says why Manorama didnt come outside yet. Anirudh gets drunk because of bhaang effect. He behaves insanely. Trilochan shouts at Vihari saying why he mixed bhaang in Anirudh’s drink. Vihari says he didn’t do it. Trilochan gets shocked. He tries to control Anirudh.

Manorama tries to catch Bondita. Bondita gets afraid thinking what if Manorama complaints to Anirudh against Bondita. Manorama throws color at Bondita and she takes the letter from Bondita.


Anirudh at drunken state reveals that his marriage is fake. He didn’t marry in real. Trilochan and others get shocked to know about it. Trilochan takes Anirudh aside and asks which marraige he is talking about? First or second? Anirudh gets confused. He keeps behaving crazily. He says “call my wives”. Trilochan gets irritated and calls Bondita and Manorama. Bondita and Manorama come together. Anirudh was about to reveal that which one is his real wife. Manorama thinks why Anirudh is behaving like he is drunk.

Anirudh says he will go to his real wife whom he likes the most. Bondita wishes Anirudh will come to her only. Manorama gets scared thinking that Anirudh can reveal her truth. Anirudh goes to Bondita and says he only accepts Bondita as his real wife. He reveals Bondita is his favorite wife. Anirudh was about to say about his fake marriage with Manorama but Manorama stops him. Bondita gets happy. Anirudh says Manorama is nothing in front of Bondita. Anirudh says he will gift something to Bondita and Manorama. He instructs Vihari to bring them for Bondita and Manorama.


Bondita feels Anirudh will gift her the typewriter. But Anirudh gives the typewriter to Manorama. Bondita gets disappointed. Anirudh gifts pressure cooker to Bondita. Anirudh says Bondita wants to cook only, it will lead Bondita to her bright future. Anirudh recalls how he has to use Bondita’s anger for her good. Anirudh keeps saying Bondita is the perfect daughter in law, perfect wife. She won’t use the typewriter then why will she take it.

Anirudh tells Bondita to be happy. Bondita shows her anger saying Anirudh promised her to give typewriter but he forgot that. She cant be happy. Anirudh says Bondita wanted this only. She wanted to cook food. She wanted to be a good wife and daughter in law. She will make various dishes. He taunts Bondita and Bondita reveals she will become Barrister Babu then she only needs the typewriter. Anirudh gets happy thinking he wanted to hear this from Bondita.

The Episode ends


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