Bhagyalakshmi 7th April 2021 Written Update: Shock awaits Bhagya and Gopi – “”

Bhagyalakshmi 7th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhagya sharing her worries with Ezhil. She states that she always tried to understand Iniya but Iniya never opened up with her. She says that Iniya trusts anyone so easily and that’s the biggest problem there. Bhagya states that she cares more about Iniya than Ezhil and Chezhiyan but still she never understood it. Ezhil states that its the common problem for all teenage girls and not only Iniya. He says she got scared and went to stay in others house which is not a big crime. He asks her not to worry and consoles Bhagya. Bhagya leaves saying that Iniya will be alone.


Next day, Bhagya is cooking in the kitchen still worried about Iniya. Housemaid shares an incident in her neighbourhood where a 12th standard guy absconded with a 10th standard girl. She says the girl was later sent to girls home by Police. She states that it’s really difficult to handle these days kids and asks her not to worry. At Hall, everyone are drinking coffee when Gopi calls Bhagya. He asks her to bring Iniya so that they can meet principal. Bhagya is hesitant but Gopi urges her. Jenny goes to bring Iniya. Jenny brings Iniya who comes dressed up in normal wear and not uniform.

 Everyone questions her about the same but Iniya states that she’s scared. They asks what’s the need to be scared as everyone already know everything. They all force her to come dressed up in uniform while Iniya thinks about her mistakes. She hesitantly says that Principal threatened to give TC to her and that’s why she’s scared. Everyone states that it’s just a common threat which every teacher gives to their student and asks her not to worry. Iniya thinks that they still didn’t know about her going to cinema and wo sees what to do. She leaves to get ready while Gopi’s mother asks Gopi to scold the Principal for threatening Iniya. She says this is the reason Iniya ran away.


Iniya is in car with her parents. She prayed for Principal to be absent for the day in order to not get exposed. Bhagya and Gopi visit Principal and Principal looks disgusted at Iniya. She asks Iniya why did she come in uniform when she clearly stated that she’ll be expelled from school. Gopi and Bhagya gets shocked and asks why would they expel just because she didn’t write exam. Principal asks didn’t she say anything else while they nods no.

Principal states that Iniya has gone to cinema bunking exams that too with a senior students shocking Gopi and Bhagya. She plays the CCTV footage where Iniya gets in his car bunking school. Bhagya gets shocked and starts beating up Iniya. Principal further states that Iniya was leaving the school for the past few days with the same boy and the management has decided to expel her.


Gopi and Bhagya pleads her to consider Iniya’s future but Principal denies saying that their school reputation will be ruined when she roams around wearing their uniform. She says they should’ve expelled her for the party incident itself so that this wouldn’t have happened. Gopi and Bhagya stands helpless.

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