Bhagyalakshmi 8th April 2021 Written Update: Gopi warns Bhagya to discontinue her business – “”

Bhagyalakshmi 8th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhagya and Gopi pleading to Principal to give a last chance to Iniya. Principal outright denies saying that she got to know that they came here searching for Iniya yesterday, which meant she went somewhere without informing them. Principal scolds them for their poor parenting and denies to give chance to Iniya. Gopi and Bhagya begs her a lot but she throws them out giving Tc to Iniya. Bhagya cries for Iniya’s future but Gopi takes her away.


Gopi and Bhagya comes to home and everyone gets confused seeing them with Iniya. Everyone asks why they are back and why didn’t they leave Iniya at school. Both Bhagya and Gopi doesn’t answer while Gopi’s father asks him to say what happened. Gopi hands over the TC to his father and je gets shocked seeing it. He asks why did they give TC just for not writing exam. Bhagya bursts out crying while everyone panics. She reveals Iniya lied to them about special class and roamed around with the boy whose house she went yesterday. She also says that he was the one who dropped her and also says that Iniya went for movie with the boy instead of writing model exams.

Everyone gets shocked and furious hearing it. They question Iniya why did she do so. Gopi’s father says that when he was a teacher, when other students do all these activities, he worried for them. He can’t believe that it happened in his own house. Chezhiyab to regrets for supporting Iniya whenever their mother scolded her. Gopi’s father says that Bhagya kept saying that Iniya’s activities are doubtful but they didn’t pay attention. He feels completely drained out with Iniya’s actions. Gopi’s mother asks Gopi why didn’t he plead Principal for a chance. Gopi says that he tried his best but they refused to give a chance to Iniya. Everyone worry for Iniya future.


Gopi’s mother asks Iniya what happened to her suddenly as she was not like this before. Gopi says that she was right that Iniya was not like this before. He blamed Bhagya for Iniya’s condition shocking her. Gopi says that from the time Bhagya entered her business she stopped caring about the family. He says that once iniya herself said to him that Bhagya is not paying attention to her due to her business but he didn’t mind it much which was a mistake. Gopi asks what was the need for her to warns when he warns enough for the family. He says it’s necessary for him to earn to run the family but she don’t have any such thing. He furiously goes upstairs while everyone tries stopping him.

Gopi thrashes all of Bhagya’s stuffs to make masala and everyone’s gets scared seeing his anger. Ezhil tries stopping him but he lashes out at him too. Gopi says that everything is over and warns her to concentrate on children from now on. He leaves warning Bhagya that he won’t leave her if Iniya doesn’t get seat in another school. Gopi’s father and mother too agrees with Gopi and asks her to concentrate on family. They leave while Bhagya cries.


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