Bhagyalakshmi 9th April 2021 Written Update: Bhagya gets blamed once again – “”

Bhagyalakshmi 9th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhagya looking devastated at the broken items. Ezhil says that whatever his father is doing is completely wrong. Bhagya cries and says what can they do as he blamed her for being not responsible. Iniya cries and apologizes Bhagya for whatever happened. She says she didn’t expect that her father will behave this way. Bhagya gets furious at her. She asks what will she do now as she’s expelled from school.


Bhagya asks what mistake did she do that she behaved this way. She says that she never asked her to do any work and only asked her to study and she couldn’t even do that. Ezhil says it’s not Bhagya’s fault while maid and Jenny agrees with her too. Bhagya says that all these insults are not new to her and says he wouldn’t have behaved this way if she was also well educated and had a job like him. She says that she wanted to study but there was none who could help her with it.

 However Bhagya says that, Iniya had everything but still she let go of her opportunity and asks her what will she do now. Iniya says that she did without her knowledge while Bhagya rubbishes it off. She says no one forced her to go to cinema and ride in a car and it was completely her fault. She says that she never asked her to not have any friendship with boys. She says she always supported Chezhian and Ezhil whenever he brought his female friends home and she would’ve did the same the with her male friend. Bhagya cries helpless while Ezhil consoles her. Iniya apologizes Ezhil and Bhagya.


Everyone in the family waits impatiently for Gopi while Gopi comes home dejected. Gopi’s father asks if he got seat for Iniya but Gopi says that he tried many schools but none are ready to give seat to someone who’s at the end of 9th standard. He says most of the schools have started special classes for upcoming 10th board and no one is ready to give admission to Iniya.

Chezhian agrees with it while Ezhil says they will try new schools again tomorrow. Iniya cries while Bhagya scolds her. Gopi blames Bhagya once again for the mess while Ezhil takes a stand for Bhagya. Gopi’s mother asks Gopi whether he tried using his contacts but Gopi says none worked and no one respected him. Jenny offers to get help from her dad and Gopi appreciates it but still is unsure about getting seat. Gopi once again blames Bhagya while Gopi’s father and Ezhil supports her. Gopi’s father suggests to take Iniya to village with his wife so that he can get her seat in his school where he was working. He says he will bring her back once she completes schooling.


 Gopi gets frustrated that it’s not such a good school as she was before but Gopi’s father says they don’t have any option. Gopi leaves upset. Bhagya is sitting still in kitchen while the maid tries consoling her. Ezhil comes there and Bhagya asks whether she’s not a good mother. Ezhil says if she’s isn’t a good mother then no one is and consoles a crying Bhagya.

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