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Bharathi kannamma 15th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Venu asks to Soundarya how is she feeling now? She replies to him that she is feeling good now. Woman’s club president and secretary comes there to meet Soundarya. They greets her and informs to Soundarya that they are planning to conduct a competition to select a best Mother in law and daughter in law. They are conducting it in Mahabalipuram. Venu appreciates their thought. They informs to them that all are mocking using Mother and Daughter in law relationship. They wishes to change it using this competition. They invites Soundarya to be a judge for this competition. Soundarya questions them will they accepts her if she participate in this competition as a contestant. They feels happy to hear it and appreciates her thoughts.


Soundarya asks about the rules and regulation? They informs to her its an one week competition. They arranged all facilities for the contestants family. Soundarya asks them to register Kannamma and Soundarya name in it. They thank her and takes their leave. Venu complaints to Soundarya why did she taking decisions without thinking once? Kannamma won’t agree to go with her. She can asks them to remove her name from it. Soundarya is adamant to talk with Kannamma. She gets address from Akhil and leaves to meet Kannamma. Venu and Akhil fears what if Kannamma refuses to go with Soundarya.

Saravanan’s father notices the newspaper and starts reading it. He reads the competition news in it. Saravanan comes there and enquires him what’s going on? He informs to Saravanan that best Mother in law and Daughter in law competition going to conduct in Mahabalipuram. If Sandhya and Sivagami participate in it then all problems will be solve. First prize amount is 5lakhs rs. Saravanan likes the idea but he doubts will Sivagami agrees to participate in it? Sivagami comes there her husband informs to her about the competition. She asks them to stop building castle in air. Whom will go to attend this leaving their works behind? Sivagami asks Saravanan to concentrate on his works.


Soundarya reaches to Kannamma’s house. Kannamma notices her and feels nervous. Soundarya complaints to Kannamma that she is not even welcoming her in. Kannamma welcomes her and enquires about her health? Soundarya replies to her that she is doing well. She questions her whom informed her about her health? She mentions Hema name. Soundarya says to Kannamma that she wishes to spend some days with her.

Kannamma gets nervous again. Soundarya clears with her that she is not asking her to stay in her house instead spend some time out of the city. Kannamma refuses to go with her for one week. Soundarya says to her that doctor said to her Kannamma is medicine for her issues. Soundarya about to leave but Kannamma stops her and agrees to go with her. Soundarya feels happy and asks her to bring Lakshmi with her. Kannamma asks Soundarya to don’t bring Bharathi there. She nods.


Saravanan informs to Sandhya about the competition. Sandhya replies to him that he done a mistake how could he even think Sivagami will agree to participate in it with her. She is already hell angry on her for the recent incidents. Saravanan says to her that he thinks all problems will be over if they win the competition.

Soundarya informs to all that Kannamma agreed to go with her. All are happy for her. Soundarya informs to them about Kannamma’s condition to her. She asks everyone to hide this from Hema orelse she will inform this to Bharathi. Soundarya asks Akhil and Anjali too joins with them. Hema comes there Soundarya asks her to pack her thinks and gives a hint about tour. Bharathi comes there Soundarya shares the same with him hiding Kannamma’s matter. Bharathi feels happy for her and leaves.

Saravanan thinking about it. His father wishes to convince Sivagami. Sandhya asks them to leave this topic. Someone informs to Saravanan that all shops are closing due to underground drainage work. Sivagami complaints how will


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