Bharathi kannamma 17th February 2021 Written Update: Kannamma gets flashes of her memories – add “”

Bharathi kannamma17th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kannamma is standing with Soundarya in helpless state. Venu comes there and gets surprise to see Kannamma there. He starts crying in silent seeing her.


Soundarya understands that he gonne spoil everything so she asks him to wipe his tears and greets Kannamma. She introduces her to him as cooking aunty of Hema. Venu is blinking seeing her then understands them. Venu enquires to Kannamma her well abouts? Kannamma replies to him as doing well. Hema introduces Venu to Kannamma.

Kannamma thinks who is Hema because she is in Kannamma color. Venu says to Kannamma that Hema used to talk about her always. Akhil and Anjali comes there and gets surprise to see Kannamma there. Soundarya gets nervous and tries to alert him but Hema stops her. Hema questions Akhil who is she? Guess her name?


Akhil is hesitating to reply there. Soundarya alerts him by saying she is Hema’s cooking aunty. Venu and Soundarya signals to him don’t spit out the beans. He understands her and act along with them. Hema complaints that Soundarya reveals her identity to Akhil.

Soundarya pretends like introdicing Akhil and Anjali to Kannamma. She says Anjali is like Kannamma’s sister. Hema used to say about her. If she know Kannamma is her cooking aunty then she would have invite her to home before itself.


Akhil says to Kannamma that he came to her house but he couldn’t meet her because of a phone call. Hema takes Kannamma from there to looks around the kitchen. Soundarya starts crying in happiness. Kannamma gets flashes of her moments she happily spend with Bharathi. She wishes to leave from there but changes her mind thinking about Hema. She misunderstands that Hema is Bharathi and Venba’s daughter.

Kannamma and Hema are arranging the things. Soundarya and groups are watching them in silent. Kannamma and Hema goes to takes menu from them. Soundarya and Venu pretends like reading something. Hema asking everyone to say which sweets they would like to eat. They are making fun of Kannamma and Hema not answering to them.

Soundarya asks Kannamma to cook what she likes to eat. Kannamma mentions Soundarya as madam in angry when she reminds her about Bharathi. Soundarya gets angry hearing it so she argues with her. Kannamma leaves from there. Anjali tries to inform her family but Soundarya stops her doing it reasoning that Kannamma leave here permanantly.


Episode end.

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