Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 17th March 2021 Written Update: Sivagami leaves the resort in anger – “”

Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 17th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sandhya is getting ready to take bath. Sivagami comes there and complaints to Sandhya that she is late. Why is she standing here not taking bath? Sandhya asks her to give 5 minutes time she will be ready soon. Sivagami informs to her that show will start at 10 am and leaves from there. Sandhya taking her clothes and about to enter inside the bathroom but Archana pushes her away and sneak inside the bathroom. Sandhya asks her to allow her in first orelse she will be late for show. Archana didn’t give heed to her and locks the door.


Archana thinks to trap Sandhya and wishes to see Sivagami is scolding Sandhya for being late. Archana puts their headset in her ears and listening to the song in the bathroom. Sandhya is waiting outside and thinks why is Archana doing like this? Sandhya waits a lot and knocks the door. Archana comes outside after taking bath. Sandhya questions her why is she doing like this she is getting late to attend the function. Archana says to her that Sandhya is showing attittude to her that she is only participating in function. Sandhya deny it and starts taking bath. Archana smirks and feels happy that Sandhya going to get scold from Sivagami.

Soundarya is waiting for Kannamma in the auditorium. Venu questions to Soundarya where is Kannamma function going to be start? She replies to him she will come here on time. Saravanan asks to Sandhya where is Sivagami and others? She replies to him that they left before her. Saravanan complaints that function will start soon but all are missing here. Just then Senthil and Sundaram comes there and settled in their places. Saravanan questions Sundaram where is Sivagami? He replies to him that he thought she is here.


All are waiting for Sivagami. Just then Anchor comes on stage and begins the function. She greets all and thank everyone for participating in this show. She announces to everyone that small problems is there. They changed the logo as Super family reasoning big changes happened in it. They decided to conduct best daughter in law and Mother in law competition. But here we decided to change it and choose super family.

Soundarya and Kannamma doubts what’s going on there? Same reaction giving by Saravanan and Sandhya too. Anchor announces to all that management will choose the any two contestants from each family. So only they can able to participate in this competition. They will write down each members name in the bowl and choose the random name from it. Saravanan and Sandhya thinks how will they perform without Sivagami. Soundarya fears what if Bharathi name comes there. Anchor announcing all family names. Saravanan and Sandhya name comes at 9th place. They welcomes them on stage without option they goes there. Senthil gets angry and leaves from there. At last they announces Soundarya and Kannamma on stage. Anchor praises Saravanan and Sandhya jodi as well as Kannamma and Soundarya’s bond.


Sandhya and Saravanan are searching for Sivagami outside. Sundaram comes there and informs to Saravanan that Sivagamo left the resort in anger reasoning Senthil talked with Sivagami in provoking way against Saravanan and Sandhya. Sivagami takes it as big insult to her and leaves from here in anger after lashes out at the management. Sandhya says to Saravanan they can’t able to perform without Sivagami. Sundaram asks them to participate in competition Sivagami is not going to change so he will support them.

Soundarya and Venu are discussing about the competition. Akhil and Hema comes there. Hema keeps questioning Soundarya about the competition and why did she gave Kannamma name in it instead of Anjali name. Akhil manages to lie her that Anjali is pregnant that’s why. Soubdarya sends Hema away giving home work to her. Soundarya goes to meet Kannamma. She enquires to her about Lakshmi. Kannamma says to her clearly that Lakshmi will questions her about the relationship between the two family. if she sees them together? Soundarya understands that Kannamma asking her to maintain the distance with Lakshmi. Soundarya requests Kannamma to spend time with her. She nods.

Saravanan and Sandhya are talking casually in garden. Saravanan shares to Sandhya that he wishes to take her out after the marriage but it didn’t happen. He says to himself even First night didn’t happen. Sandhya questions him Is he ever feels regret for marrying her? He replies as no. He says to her that she will win over Sivagami’s heart one day. Sandhya feels happy to hear it. Bharathi is checking his mobile another side Venba doubts something is fishy behinds the trip. She reminds the resorts name and searches it in google. She learns about the competition. She informs to Bharathi about it.


Episode end.

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