Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 18th March 2021 Written Update: Sandhya and Kannamma’s friendship – “”

Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 18th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Venba says to Bharathi that Soundarya didn’t went to that resort to take rest, instead participate in the competition. Bharathi gets shock to hear it. Venba says to her that she will share link to him. She adds to her that definitely Soundarya call that Kannamma there to participate in it. Bharathi replies to her that he is going to stop that orelse Soundarya will bring that Kannamma back to house. Venba says to him that she will accompany him there.


Kannamma and Soundarya comes to her room and introduces Tulasi to her. Soundarya feels happy to see Lakshmi there. Tulasi enquires Soundarya about her job and thank her for being with Kannamma. Soundarya is talking with Lakshmi who is sleeping. Soundarya comments that Lakshmi is looking like her. Kannamma nods with her.

Soundarya shares the past with Kannamma and feels regret for being harsh with Kannamma in the past. She says to her that innocent Kannamma turns out very Bold and Brave. She appreciates her hardwork and upbringing. Both are sharing their emotional moments. Soundarya asks Kannamma to lay on her lap and sleep. Soundarya says to her that Kannamma is the best example for the bold lady. This society taught her a lot.


Kannamma notices Sandhya is sitting alone. Kannamma sits with her and enquires her what happened? She replies to her that she can’t able to sleep in new place. Kannamma thank Sandhya for their help. Sandhya asks her name and says to her that she is nervous thinking about the programme.

Kannamma replies to her its just a competition. Sandhya shares to her that she lost her parents unexpectedly and married to one family. She is still blind when its come about family. Kannamma advises to her its normal for newly married person. We have no idea how all family members will behave. Its very tough to understand them soon. Sandhya feels happy to see Kannamma and listen her advise.


Sandhya questions Kannamma why is she looks young even after marriage too. Sandhya questions about Kannamma’s life. Sandhya says to her that she admires Kannamma and Soundarya’s bond. Kannamma replies to her that her problem is with her husband. Kannamma shares her beautiful past to Sandhya. Soundarya didn’t understand her well but husband supported her.

Then he changed into new man and starts suspects her. Sandhya feels pity for Kannamma. Both are sharing their friendship with each other. Sandhya narrates her story to Kannamma. She shares her passion with her and how did her parents died. How did she ended up in this marriage life.

Tulasi taking Lakshmi to Katathe class. She questions Lakshmi why did she agreed to join in this class? She replies to her that she saw one uncle teaching Karathe to kids in her village daily. But she has no money on that time to learn it. Now mom asked her to do it that’s why she said ok. Tulasi says to her she will join her her in swimming class too. Lakshmi notices Soundarya there and thinks why is she here. Even after Tulasi stopped her Lakshmi goes near her.


Soundarya feels happy to see her there. Both are talking happily each other. Soundarya says to her she will give gift to her next time. She replies to her that her mom asked her to don’t receive gift from strangers. Soundarya replies to her that she is not stranger. Lakshmi excuses them. Soundarya praises Kannamma’s sarie. She replies to her that this sarie gifted by Soundarya in her anniversary day.

Venu says to Soundarya that Kannamma protected all things of her. She asked about Lakshmi? She replies to her that she went to Katathe class. Soundarya says to her that she met Lakshmi on the way. Competition announcement comes there. Akhil wishes them good luck. Bharathi comes there with Venba. Everyone gets shock to see it all?

Bharathi clapps infront of all and praises their act. Venu asks to Soundarya how comes Bharathi is here? Soundarya replies to him May Venba done this all. Bharathi questions Soundarys Is this her holiday trip? This is why no one asked him to accompany here. Why did they bring this Kannamma here without his knowledge? Soundarya replies to him its her wish who is he to question her? She asks him to leave from there.


Bharathi questions Kannamma doesn’t she has shame to come here and participate in the competition? She has no rights to say her as daughter in law of Soundarya? In which rights she is doing this all? Akhil tries to stop him but Bharathi asks him to stay away from it all. Bharathi says to Kannamma that he kicked her out of house 8 years before then why is she doing this all to come back to his house. She is trying to get money from them. Kannamma asks him to stop it.

Kannamma says to him clearly she is here for Soubdarya. She respects her a lot. She will never forgive Bharathi in any situation even after he fall on her feet too. Kannamma says to him clearly that he is talking with him because of his education. Kannamma says to him that she don’t want to stay here hereafter.

Episode end.

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