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The episode starts with Venba asking Kavin to get ready for office. Kavin says that he feels boring, so he does not want to go. Venba insists. He asks her to button his shirt. She agrees first then refuses saying he will try to get romantic. Kavin says freeze and Venba stops in her mouvement. He kisses her cheeks and when he’s about lock his lips with her, Venba says freezes. They both laugh.


Nandhini and Anbu comes to Mallika’s house. On seeing Nandhini, Mallika thinks how she forgot Nandhini, she will be ready to ruin Venba and thinks to join hand with her against Venba. She welcomes them. Yazhini comes there. She speaks rudely with Nandhini and Anbu and angrily walks away. Mallika asks Nandhini not to take her wrong. Nandhini says that she can understand her disappointment. Mallika calls Kavin in his room’s handline and informs that Anbu and Nandhini have come to see Venba.

Venba happily rushes downstairs followed by Kavin. She expresses her joy of meeting them and complains that they forgot so they haven’t visited her after her marriage. Anbu apologizes to Kavin for beating him. Kavin says that he would’ve done the same, if he was in his position. Mallika asks Nandhini to call her mom. She says that they were ennemy in the past, but that has changed, since Venba has entered their house. Anbu says that he thought it will be difficult for Venba to make her accept in this family, but the smile on Venba’s face and the locker key hanging on her hip says that she’s happy here. They ask Mallika’s permission to take Kavin and Venba for lunch. Mallika says that they can take them at anytime they want, they don’t need her permission. Kavin thanks Mallika and is excited. Yazhini fumes on seeing this.


Kavin gets ready to leave for office. Venba accompanies him till the gate. Kavin plays with her and freezes her. He asks her for a kiss. He calls Anbu and Nandhini, when Venba refuses. Nandhini asks why Venba is standing like a statue. Kavin explains them about the game. He asks Anbu to try this game on his wife. Nandhini runs from there followed by Anbu. Venba kisses Kavin and he releases her from freeze. Venba says that he’s a bad boy, what’s the need to do all this in front of her brother and sister-in-law. Kavin says that he wants to show to her family how happy they’re. He takes her leave.

Mallika, Nandhini and Anbu have lunch while Venba serves them food. Nandhini and Anbu feed Venba and care for her while Mallika records their video. Mallika notices Nandhini going to upstairs. She goes after her. She asks Nandhini what she thinks about Venba’s happy life. Nandhini says that Venba is very lucky to have got all this, but she hasn’t expected that she will change like this. Mallika also says that she’s unable to accept her as a caring sister-in-law of Venba. Nandhini asks whether she doesn’t like her this role. Nandhini reveals that she’s Nandhini and she can never change Mallika looks amused.


The episode ends.

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