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Chithi 16th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nandhini revealing to Mallika that she’s acting to be nice with Venba. Mallika says that she was stunned to see her showering love on Venba. Nandhini says that she can never forget the insult she faced due to Venba. Mallika is glad hearing this and says that she should always be like this. She also reveals her true nature. She says that she can never forgive Venba for snatching her son until Venba dies and also she’s acting like this in order to win Kavin’s trust. She will kill Venba the next second she feels that she gained her son’s complete trust. Nandhini says that she called Venba and Kavin for lunch to create misunderstandings between them. Yazhini is overjoyed hearing them. She comes to Nandhini and apologizes to her for her rude behavior.


Venba is showing her saree and jewelry that Kavin gifted her to Anbu. The latter says that she’s lucky to get Kavin as her husband. Venba agrees and adds that Mallika is also taking good care of her. She was always feared how she will make her place in this house, but now she’s very happy. Anbu says that Chithi will be on cloud nine if she will hear it. Venba asks if Nandhini has really changed, she can’t believe it.

Anbu assures her that she has changed. Nandhini comes there. She sees all the jewels and says all these gifts show how much Kavin loves her. She thinks that Venba’s happiness are temporary. The trio take a selfie and sends to Saradha via whatsapp. Venba gets emotional that they have come to see her and cries in happiness hugging Nandhini. The latter thinks that she can’t tolerate her happiness and vows to snatch everything from her. Later Anbu and Nandhini meet Dharma and enquires about his health to Mallika. Nandhini signs to Mallika leaving with Anbu.


Kavin reaches office. He asks Ravi to come to his cabin to talk about something important. Kavin asks Ravi to tell the best star hotel in Chennai. Ravi jokes which annoys Kavin. Ravi asks him why he needs a star hotel. Kavin says that his family did not let him and Venba celebrate their first night so he’s seeking his help to book a suit in any star hotel to celebrate his first night. Ravi feels bad for Kavin. He says that he has a big house yet he needs a hotel. Kavin expresses to him about his deception. Ravi agrees to help, but he advises Kavin to talk about it to Venba first else she may refuse at the end time and leaves.

Yazhini is having food while Venba serving her. Yazhini asks Venba if she’s not angry with her. Venba says that she is also an human and feels all type of emotions, but her Chithi’s words matter more for her than anything else. Yazhini asks if her chithi asked to kill her(Yang) slowly. Venba denies and says she asked to never get angry on Yazhini. Venba receives Kavin’s call. Yazhini urges her to put the call on speaker. Venba obeys. Kavin informs Venba that he has booked room in a hotel for their first night. Yazhini gets shocked while Venba looks amused.


The episode ends.

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