Chithi 3rd March 2021 Written Update: Yazhini is delighted when Kavin scolds Venba – “”

Chithi 3rd March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kavin sending Venba to the kitchen asking her to make dosa for him. He purposely adds lots of salt in the side dishes prepared by Venba. The latter brings dosa for him and finds sitting without having the breakfast. She asks if he hasn’t started eating. He says that she left without serving him the side dishes.


Venba serves him sambar and chutney. Kavin eats a bite then spills it immediately. He starts angrily scolding Venba for adding lot of salt in the food. He calls Yazhini and asks her to taste the sambar. Yazhini tastes it and confirms it’s very salty. Kavin questions Shardha’s upbringings. Venba apologizes to Kavin.

Kavin ignores her and asks Yazhini to bring coffee for him. Venba stops Yazhini saying she will bring coffee, but Kavin strictly says that from now on Venba shouldn’t enter the kitchen, hereafter Yazhini should cook. Yazhini, Gowri and Mallika get happy hearing Kavin. He scolds Venba again and leaves from there. Venba begins to cry. Yazhini brings the coffee and asks for Kavin. Mallika says that he left. Gowri and Mallika drink that coffee and praise Yazhini while they taunt Venba.


Venba runs to the kitchen and cries hard. Yazhini comes there and says she’s very happy to see her crying, though she knows it’s wrong, she’s can’t help, her pain is like a medicine to her wounded heart. Venba leaves from there crying. Mallika says to Yazhini that they should keep belittling Venba like this and adds that they shouldn’t make this matter big and instigate Kavin against Venba so that he himself will throw her out of the house.

Venba comes downstairs thinking when she tasted the dishes, the salt was correct and wonders how it became suddenly very salty. She receives Kavin’s call. After hesitating for a while, she receives the call. She complains to him that he has changed, and says that when she tasted the dishes everything was perfect. Kavin reveals to her that he had added salt in the side dishes, and says she should’ve understood it when he scolded in front of all. He further says that his mom and Gowri are planning to make her a permanent maid without salary.


Venba denies him. Kavin says that he knows his mom better than anyone, and he doesn’t like her doing all the household works. They want that she gets tired at the end of the day after doing all works alone, they shouldn’t succeed in their plan. He has put a check by asking Yazhini to cook. Venba says i love you sir and gives him kisses. Dharma, who overhears all this, is happy that Kavin isn’t angry with her daughter.

Yazhini is seen struggling to cook. Venba comes there and laughs seeing Yazhini struggling to cut a tomato. Mallika and Gowri come there and asks her why she has to do all this. Yazhini says she wants to impress Kavin by making his favorite dish vegetable biryani. Mallika says how a tasty food can bring a husband and wife close to each other while a taste less food can break a relationship. Yazhini looks on.

The episode ends.


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