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Episode begins with Renuka turning to give the cheque to Aditya but Priti purposely comes in front of her and pushes her in a lighting lamp so that the cheque falls on a lightning lamp and it catches fire. Everyone around them gets stunned to see this and Renuka tries to save the check but it catches fire already. Aditya comes up and he says you don’t need to burn your hand for this as my father can write a new cheque for me.


Mukunda says that he is speaking correctly and proceeds to bring the cheque book when Preeti stops him from behind. She says that the burn of cheque like this is a bad sign hence you should not write a new one at this moment. Alok also joins her and says I know you all don’t believe in such things bur saying this from my personal experience as I witness the consequences of such incidents later in my business.

Mukund is still not ready to believe in all these and he says that I will definitely write another cheque for my son. Renuka stops him and says when Alok is saying so then we should hold for some days before writing a new one. Aditya understands the motive of Alok and he says to his father that I want to take responsibility for your business and your shop if you think me eligible enough for this.


Renuka gets happy and Navya gets happy too to hear this while Mukund gets emotional because he always wanted his son to take father his business in the future. Aditya says that I am promising you that I will do the best marketing in the entire area and will bring you the best business out of it if you show your trust in me. Mukund hugs his son and says that he is very much proud of his next generation and he has full faith in his capabilities.

Later on Mukund and Renuka are spending some quality moments with each other when Mukund says he wants to go on a coffee date with his wife . He regrets that they didn’t get to do it in their time. Class nine ka to prepare coffee will go out and open the shop so that they can have their time there.


Suddenly they got to know that their shop catches fire and Renuka gets rewarded for Mukund and she rushes towards the shop to see if he is left inside. While on the other hand Navya doubts on Aditya for putting the shop on fire but he denies The blame and gives justification for the smell of kerosene from his hands. The next morning Renuka finds out that Mukund is really upset over the incident and she asks him not to feel bad about it.

Alok comes there with the insurance papers of the shop and says that you will get full money back from the insurance company for the losses. Later he confronts Aditya over the fake signed cheque and with the evidence in the form of a video where it is visible that it was Aditya who puts the shop on fire. Later Aditya agrees to team up with Alok over a deal.

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