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Episode begins with Mukund blames Sumitra for stealing their baby and they must be a fool not to doubt her till now even after so long. Sumitra pretends like an innocent lady and says I have quitted them but of wrong doings and I am not involved in the kidnapping of your child. I am no longer like that old version of mine. Renuka comes forward and says to Sumitra, “If what Mukund is saying is true then I am requesting you with my folded hands that please give me my child back.” Sumitra says to her I have no idea where your child is and trust me I can swear on my god also that I have not done anything with your infant baby. As usual she does a lot of drama in front of all just to gain sympathy for herself. She wants to prove that she has improved and is still a helpless person in front of Renuka so that she gets emotional. Sumitra tries to burn her hand from the temple lamp and says no one loves me at all. That’s also fine because these are punishments for my wrong doings.


Renuka comes forward and says to her and no one is doubting you , please don’t get us wrong . She leaves from there and informs Alok through a sign to make Renuka notice the letter for the real game to begin. Alok does accordingly and he makes Renuka notice the letter by tricks and she feels like the letter came to her flying from somewhere. She gets concerned and reads the letter and gets shocked. Navya left the house with Bharat and asked Renuka and Mukund not to look for them or try to find them out. Renuka recognises her handwriting too. Mukund also reads the letter and confirms the writing. Renuka feels dejected and says she is also the mother of the kid and has full rights to take her son with her.

She says but there is a problem and my kid needs his mother. He is a premature baby and now to survive he needs breast milk from his mother or else he will not be able to eat anything. Renuka takes a tough call and says to Mukund If I can give punishment to my own son for doing wrong then I can surely take a stand against my daughter-in-law Navya too. She says to get information about my underaged and premature baby we have to go to the police and seek their help. Mukund gets shocked but later they went and registered a FIR against Navya. On the other side, It was revealed that Navya was actually kidnapped by Alok and Sumitra and the kid is also with them and they are planning something really big and malicious. Renuka comes to Mukund and asks him to sign the papers to keep his promise. She says once the baby will no longer be the owner of property, he will be all fine. Mukund is shocked to see this side duting breakfast.


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