Imlie 5th April 2021 Written Update: Dev invites Imlie along with Aditya and Malini for a Puja in his house – “”

Imlie 5th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode start with Imlie explaining housewives are expert but they need a day off as well. Housewives also need rest. Tripathi men apologise to Aparna and Tauji. Malini says from now on Aparna and Taiji will not work on Sunday. Aditya wishes good morning to Imlie. Imlie again gives milk glass to Malini. Malini says “you know I don’t like to drink milk.” Aditya tells Imlie to drink the milk as she also works hard in the house. Aditya says Malini won’t mind if Imlie drinks it. Malini feels Aditya never insisted Malini like how he insisted Imlie today.


Dev and his mom think to invite Tripathis for Puja at their house. Dev decides to invite Imlie as well. Anu taunts him saying Dev should invite Sundar as well, Imlie has charmed everyone in the house that Tripathis forcefully took Imlie to the house. Dev also says because Imlie knows how to care for loved ones which Anu didnt know. Anu tells now Dev started comparing her as well with Imlie. Dev feels if Meethi allowed him to tell the truth to Imlie. Dev wouldn’t have tolerated Imlie’s insult like this. Dev thinks of inviting Imlie.

Aparna tells Imlie that for Malini she printed a photo of Aditya and Malini’s wedding. Imlie hangs it on wall. She feels sad thinking she has no wedding photo with Aditya. Later Imlie takes one drawing book from children to make something out of it.


Aparna Taiji decide to send Aditya and Malini to Anu’s house for Puja. Aparna thinks of not going to Anu’s house because Anu’s complaining nature. Taiji says its great idea. Malini says Dev and Anu are coming to Tripathi house. Aditya leaves from breakfast table.

Imlie recalls her and Aditya’s marriage and starts drawing a picture of it. Aditya insists Imlie that “I want to see what you are drawing ” Imlie doesn’t allow Aditya. She tells Aditya can see it later. Aditya snatches the drawing from Imlie cleverly but Imlie takes it from him. Imlie hides the drawing.


Anu and Dev come. Malini hugs Anu. Imlie takes blessings from Anu but Anu stops her from doing it. Aditya takes stand for Imlie saying some people only have money, not emotions.

Children find the drawing in Imlie’s room and goes near Dev. Dev was about to see Imlie’s drawing but children start fighting and snatch it from Dev. Imlie gets shocked and prays noone should watch the drawing. Harish informs Dev that only Malini and Aditya will attend the Puja. Drawing gets stuck with Sundar’s shoe. Noticing that Anu asks what’s that?

Aditya takes it from Sundar and Malini throws it at dustbin. Dev invites Imlie for Puja as well. Aditya says Imlie won’t go as last time Imlie had a bad experience. Malini says she already apologised to Imlie on behalf of Anu. Anu says Imlie will help other servants during Puja. Aditya says Imlie won’t work there but she will go there as a guest only. Aditya feels if Dev wants to spend time with Imlie its okay if she goes. Dev tells “we’ll treat Imlie like our daughter.” Anu gets irked.


Episode ends

Precap- Priest reveals Aditya has two marriage lines.

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