Inside Jasprit Bumrah and Sanjana Ganesan’s dreamy wedding with 11 photos

Their official wedding photographer Joseph Radhik also shared a click of the newly weds with his team. Joseph wrote, “The faces behind the smiles.
Shivali, Jameer, Allen, and Joshua. We don’t often share photos of us on this feed here and we want to change that this year. Let’s start with this epic reaction as Sanjana and Jasprit look back at their own wedding moments for the first time. What you all see from any wedding we photograph goes through days of curation before being seen by the couple and even more curation before ending up here on Instagram. For weddings like these, where photos are kind of like news, that time frame is crashed to a few hours…but, the photos are still treated with the same amount of love. Beyond the noise of news, the millions of likes, and trending hashtag on Twitter, this is still a wedding; and wedding photos are a special form of nostalgia. PS: This is the first time we’ve posted a shot of us like this. Are you guys interested in seeing more of us?” (Photo: Stories by Joseph Radhik/Instagram)

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