Intinti Gruhalaxmi 15th March 2021 Written Update: Ashwin traps Shruthi and Prem with his new plan – “”

Intinti Gruhalaxmi 15th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Lasya and Bhagya goes to check Tulasi state. Tulasi feels drowzy but she sits while chanting Shiva mantra. Lasya questions Bhagya if she mixed sleeping pills correctly or not. Bhagya says I added 6gms of powder in place of half gram so wait for sometime. Tulasi couldn’t control her sleep and her head falls in sleepy mode. Lasya and Bhagya smiles seeing their plan is working and they goes to sleep. Tulasi says why you’re testing me Shiva, I never slept in any Shivaratri but this time I’m unable to control my sleep, if my Pooja and Sankalpam are genuine than bless me to finish this Deeksha without any hurdles. Tulasi sits while seeing lord Shiva idol and night passes and she felt happy seeing sunrise and she thanks Lordshiva for helping her to finish the Deeksha.


Family members comes out and notices that Tulasi finished the Jagaram successfully. Kids praises Tulasi efforts. Bhagya tells to Lasya that Tulasi mental strength is very strong that’s why she crossed the hurdles easily with her Sankalpa balam. Lasya feels irritated. Tulasi takes Nandu blessings. Nandu father says Tulasi again proved to everyone how Housewife’s care for their family members, HR bless her to live a happy life. Tulasi feels happy.

Maid says you didn’t have anything since 3 days and she asks Shruthi to have food but Shruthi denies to have food. Ashwin says your problems won’t get solved if you avoid food, don’t spoil your health, listen my words. Shruthi says don’t act Infront me, leave from here. Ashwin goes aside and thinks to give shock to Prem and Shruthi. Ashwin calls Prem and says come to home urgently because Shruthi is not having food and she is getting weak, she only listens to your words so come and make her fine. Prem asks if he is planning anything against them. Ashwin says you’re misunderstanding me like Shruthi, I’m doing this for Shruthi health. Prem agrees. Ashwin smirks.


Prem meets Shruthi and asks her to be confident and requests her to have food. Shruthi denies than he insists her and feeds food. Ashwin brings police to home and says will you believe me now that this Prem is involving between us and what’s the need of him to enter my place when I’m not at home. Prem says you called me to convince Shruthi for having food. Ashwin says stop your dramas, we caught you red handed while you’re romancing with my wife.

Prem says talk with respect. Ashwin mocks Prem and his family. Prem gets angry and warns Ashwin that he will kill him if he enters his family matters. Inspector stops Prem. Shruthi says Prem is innocent. Inspector says Prem can’t enter between wife and husband issues and he warns Prem to stay away from Ashwin and Shruthi matter. Prem leaves. Ashwin smirks seeing Shruthi.


Precap – Divya gets excited seeing news in paper and she tells to everyone that Mom’s company got best company award and its written that it’s happened because of Mom. Everyone gets excited and congrats their Mom. Ramulamma feels bad thinking these people forget about Tulasi Amma birthday.

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