Intinti Gruhalaxmi 19th February 2021 Written Update: Shastry fails Ashwin attempt – “”

Intinti Gruhalaxmi 19th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Tulasi says she don’t want to pain her heart again. Divya says I want you to participate in this competition so we can have some happy moments and we don’t know what gonna happens after your divorce. Tulasi says your Dad denied to participate in this competition and I can’t stand beside him like his wife after knowing that I don’t have any place in his heart so leave this matter.


Ashwin thinks night plans are failing so it’s time for morning plan and he gives her tea and asks her to get ready so they can get her books for preparation. Sruthi agrees and drinks that tea than she feels dizzy and lost her conscious. Ashwin about to touch her but stopped hearing Shastry voice. Ashwin goes out and asks why he came here. Shastry says legs are paining so I came here to consult Doctor again, will you come with me or can I take Shruthi? Where is she? Ashwin says Shruthi is tired so she is taking rest, let’s go I will take you to hospital. Shastry agrees.

Abhi and Ankita meets Nandu. Abhi asks Nandu why he is denying for competition. Nandu says he is not interested. Abhi says at least participate for prize money. Lasya asks why you’re forcing Nandu for money, they are about to get divorced. Abhi says I’m not asking them to cancel divorce, I just want them to participate in it as a game. Ankita sats still they are married so they can participate. Lasya says their hearts separated so they can’t win competition so don’t think foolishly and end this matter. Abhi tries to say something but Nandu leaves saying leave it.


Prem asks if their Dad agreed to participate in competition. Abhi says he us not interested. Divya says so we don’t have hope. Ankita says Lasya aunty is reason that’s why uncle is denying. Prem says we have to make them participate in competition and he calls Rohit and tells him that their parents are not agreeing. Rohit says don’t stop until you achieve it, I will convince Tulasi so you guys try to convince your Dad. Prem agrees. Abhi asks what Rohit uncle said. Prem smiles.

Sruthi cuts vegetables, Ashwin says you’re staying at same place that’s why you looks dull and Dizzy because of your studies that’s why I planned trip to resort for 4days. Sruthi says I’m comfortable at home and denies for resort trip but Ashwin insists her than Sruthi agrees. Ashwin goes to make arrangements for Trip.


At evening Rohit meets Tulasi and asks her why she denied to participate in best couple competition. Tulasi says it’s better to stay away from him because he wants divorce. Rohit says people may change. Tulasi says it won’t. Rohit says you’re also responsible for breakage your family, you never questioned him why he is divorcing you and you never told him that you don’t like this divorce otherwise this matter won’t come here, I want you to get united so try to utilize this competition. Tulasi says you’re my well wisher so I will listen to you and will participate in this competition. Rohit wishes her luck for this competition.

Divya asks how can they make their Dad agree for competition. Ankita says Lasya may influence uncle. Prem says how to keep her away. Divya says let’s keep Lasya aunty away from Dad for half day. Ankita gets an idea and plans to take Lasya for shopping. Abhi praises her intelligence and kids plans to implement it.

Precap – Lasya tells to Tulasi that Nandu belongs to her. Tulasi challenges to win the competition for sure to prove her.


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