Intinti Gruhalaxmi 20th February 2021 Written Update: Lasya confronts Nandu for agreeing to participate in competition – “”

Intinti Gruhalaxmi 20th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Ankita asks Lasya to come with her to choose dress for her and praises her dressing sense. Lasya feels happy. Ankita insists her than Lasya happily agrees and goes to get ready. Ankita signs their plan is successful to Abhi, Prem, Divya.


Prem and Divya goes to Nandu. Nandu asks if they want to talk something with him. Prem and Divya says why you denied to participate in this competition? You like Mom that’s why you postponed the divorce and we don’t know what you feel in heart but we want to see you happily when you’re in this relationship that’s why we want you to participate in this competition, please fulfill this wish of ours.

Nandu says I will participate for you guys but it’s not possible without your Mom interest. Divya says Mom agreed for this competition Dad. Nandu happily asks if Tulasi agreed. Divya says yes than Nandu agrees to participate in this competition if Tulasi is ok for it. Prem and Nandu happily leaves after thanking their Dad.


Prem asks why you lied to Dad that Mom agreed for competition? What if Dad founds it? Divya says let’s use the same plan Infront of Mom too. Bhagya tells to Anasuya that she is excited to participate in this competition. Anasuya says it’s good opportunity to clear your debts to buy new house, we are good that’s why we got this opportunity. Nandu father mocks them.

Rohit reaches to home with Tulasi and informs to Kids that Tulasi agreed to participate in this competition. Kids feels happy and thanks Rohit for making their Mom agree for it. Divya happily tells their Dad agreed to participate in this competition. Tulasi and Nandu smiles. Rohit thanks Tulasi and Nandu for participating in the competition. Ankita and Lasya returns from shopping. Lasya thinks how Nandu agreed.


Prem meets Nandu and asks if Ashwin is taking good care of her. Shruthi says I’m not understanding his behaviour, he wants to take me to resort for refreshment but I’m scared. Prem says don’t get scared, maybe he is changed because until now he didn’t misbehaved with you so go to resort for your refreshment.

Lasya questions Nandu why he agreed to participate in couple competition. Nandu says it’s normal matter, you’re creating it as issue. Lasya says why you’re changing your opinions? I can’t see your closeness with Tulasi. Nandu says it’s just competition and we forgot that we are husband and wife. Lasya asks if he wants to reunite with Tulasi?

Tell me I will see some well. Nandu says I’m divorcing Tulasi for you so stop blaming you. Lasya says your words and behaviour is contradicting, don’t travel in two boats because I’m suffering. Nandu says I agreed to this competition for my kids and I will fulfill their wish so end this matter here itself.


Next day Ashwin takes Sruthi to resort and he shows her everything and asks if she don’t like the place. Shruthi says nothing like that. Ashwin says here it’s peaceful so let’s enjoy it. Sruthi agrees. Ashwin thinks to use the opportunity to get her. Lasya goes to Tulasi and says you expected that I won’t come here right but I always stay with Nandu to save him from you. Tulasi says she won’t snach anything from anyone. Lasya says you want to utilize this 2days time to make Nandu yours that’s why you agreed for competition.

Precap – Rohit inaugurates the competition. Bhagya asks how can Tulasi and Nandu participate in competition.

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