Intinti Gruhalaxmi 22nd February 2021 Written Update: Prem and Divya feels happy knowing Rohit plan – “”

Intinti Gruhalaxmi 22nd February 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Lasya says youre participating in this competition to change Nandu right. Tulasi says you’re overthinking because I know how far we are from eachother. Lasya says I know what you’re thinking in your heart, end your dreams to unite with Nandu because I won’t let it happen. Tulasi says you’re scared thinking you will lose Nandu right. Lasya says Nandu can leave her.


Tulasi says don’t worry, I won’t try anything to unite with Nandu and I agreed to participate in this competition for my kids happiness. Lasya says don’t hope anything otherwise you will get sadness. Tulasi says until now I won’t have that opinion but I’m changed seeing your low opinion about others and now I will win this competition to teach you a lesson. Lasya looks on.

Prem and Divya praises party arrangements and asks what’s his plan to unite their parents. Rohit says i don’t have any plan, we can bring them together to spend sometime but we can’t change their heart feelings. Divya asks why he is saying in this way.


Rohit says I’m not saying they won’t get united, we are giving them opportunity to rewind their old memories. Prem says so they gonna talk about old moments and become friends again. Rohit says true, their bonding will come out while rewinding their past golden moments than they again wants to get united. Prem asks can it happen. Rohit says it can happen.

Tulasi sees Shruthi at swimming pool, she goes to her happily and asks hows she? Shruthi looks at her sadly. Tulasi asks why you look sad, is Ashwin taking good care of you. Shruthi says she don’t know how to answer.


Tulasi says I can sense how sad you’re but once we are married we have to change our husband because we don’t have any way. Shruthi says true aunty that’s why I’m hiding my pain. Ashwin came to them and meets Tulasi and tells her that Shruthi is tired because of her preparation and I’m changed man.

Tulasi says I don’t know what happened between you but you’re lucky to get a wife a like Sruthi. Ashwin says I realised it that why I’m not hurting her anymore. Lasya notice them. Tulasi says it’s good, forget past and live a happy life. Ashwin says I bought Sruthi to resort so she can study, he asks Sruthi to answer. Sruthi says yes. Tulasi leaves blessing them.

Rohit welcomes everyone and inaugurates the event with his speech and tells everyone that living 25 years in a married life is not easy and praises the bond of wife and husband. Audience clap for him. Bhagya asks how can couple participate in this competition when they about to get divorced.


Rohit says they have 6months time to get their divorce so still they are wife and husband and this competition will decide how much bond couple have and if they don’t have bond than they gonna lost this competition so let’s begin the game. Everyone claps for it. Rohit says this competition have 4rounds and who get more points gonna win this competition. Rohit starts the first round saying Husband must make his wife wear the jewellery and he invites couple to the stage.

Precap – Nandu says my wife encouraged me when noone supported me. Tulasi praises Nandu support for her.

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