Intinti Gruhalaxmi 23rd February 2021 Written Update: – “”

Intinti Gruhalaxmi 23rd February 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Rohit starts the first round. Husband’s makes their wife’s wear the jewellery. Tulasi feels shy when Nandu slowly makes her wear the jewellery. Bhagya rushes her husband. Mohan and Madhavi enjoys the round. Rohit says time is over. Bhagya says their tray is empty. Rohit says Aravind and Bhagya got 10 points, Madhavi and Mohan got 9points, Tulasi and Nandu got 8points and still their are 3 rounds to achieve more points. Everyone clap for them.


Lasya thinks I couldn’t stop Nandu and Tulasi using Bhagya and she thinks how to stop them than she listens to Ashwin talking in phone with his friend that Shruthi is not trusting me that’s why I bought her to resort for getting her physically. Lasya says what if Prem comes in between you. Ashwin looks on. Lasya says I know your complete life and you need perfect plan to achieve what you needed otherwise it won’t happen. Ashwin asks how’s she so sure. Lasya says Prem will spoil your plans. Ashwin says true. Lasya says I will make Prem away from you and Sruthi. Ashwin asks what’s she expecting from him. Lasya says I need your help to get Prem father so help eachother to achieve what we needed. Ashwini asks how to help her. Lasya tells him about her plan to stop one of them to participate in competition so they can disqualified. Ashwin says he have an idea.

Rohit start the next round where Wife must guide husband’s to throw balls perfectly in tubs when he is blindfolded. Aravind and Bhagya couldn’t perform better. Mohan and Madhavi performs it in good way. Next it’s Tulasi and Nandu round. Kids encourage them but they couldn’t finish it properly. Rohit anounces Madhavi and Mohan are second round winners and he starts the third round where couple must express their inner feelings of heart to thank their partner.


Couple expresses their inner feelings and thanks their partner. Mohan tells he believes that his wife smile is his success secret. Madhavi tells that she never want to go to her mother’s place leaving him because he takes care of me in that way that’s why I wants to thank him for my life time. Everyone claps for them than Rohit says it’s Nandu and Tulasi turn.

Nandu says Tulasi accepted my love, that moment i want to thank her and I love daughter so she gave me daughter fighting with her life that’s why I want to thank her and next she supported me to study selling her farm and supported me when noone is with me and she takes care of me like a baby when I met with accident and she understands my every emotions that’s why I wants to thank her for supporting me every minute and I’m lucky to have her. Everyone claps for them. Rohit says Nandu beautifully explained it and he asks Tulasi to tell her inner feelings.Tulasi says my husband supported me to stand and he became hand to wipe my tears.


Precap – Lasya locks Tulasi in a room. Everyone waits for Tulasi and feels worried thinking where she is gone.

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