Intinti Gruhalaxmi 24th February 2021 Written Update: Rohit plans a surprise gift for the competition winner – “”

Intinti Gruhalaxmi 24th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Tulasi expresses how Nandu supported her whenever she needs him and at this moment to he is participating in this competition for kids happiness and I wish to thank him for everything. Everyone clap for them. Rohit praises their answers and announces Nandu and Tulasi are winner of this round. Kids feels overjoyed. Rohit says final winner is going to be the one who win fourth round and let’s take a short break.


Lasya takes Nandu aside and questions him why he is moving closely with Tulasi telling positive things about her, did your heart changed. Nandu says it’s part of game and we are going according to rules. Lasya says these people are trying to unite you emotionally with Tulasi but you’re not understanding it and everyone is feeling that you guys don’t have any problems between you, don’t know if you’re acting Infront of me or audience. Nandu says don’t blame me and stop creating issue. Lasya won’t understand than Nandu leaves from that place in irritation.

Rohit meets kids and asks if they get feel that their parents gonna win the competition. Divya says we feel so but somewhere we are getting doubt. Rohit says they proved in every round and I feel they gonna win for sure and I’m wishing for it wholeheartedly. Abhi says youre wishing more than us uncle. Rohit says their is Surprise gift for winners and they gonna remember it for their life time and even you can never forget that gift. Abhi asks what’s that gift. Rohit says it’s surprise so let’s wait and watch. Prem says we want our parents to unite forever that’s enough to us. Ankita supports him. Rohit says your wish will be completed.


Rohit restart the competition but they notices Tulasi is missing. Tulasi goes to room. Divya calls her Mom and asks where is she. Tulasi says someone poured tea on me and I will come after changing the saree, don’t worry. Lasya locks the door from outside and thinks that you can’t win this competition so stay in room until competition gets finished. Ashwin asks Lasya to join the competition like she didn’t know anything. Lasya thanks him for his help and tells him that she gonna repay for this help.

Vamsi calls for Tulasi. Tulasi notices her room is locked and she tries to call Divya but it won’t connected. Tulasi knocks the door hardly, Shruthi notices it and opens the door and asks who locked the room from outside. Ashwin gets irritated seeing his plan is flopped. Tulasi says don’t know and runs to attend the competition. Tulasi reaches to competition place on time, Lasya gets shocked.


Rohit says last round Is Manasuna manasai, you both have to give same answer for questions than that couple gonna win this round. Rohit calls Aravind and Bhagya as first couple and they couldn’t get points than Rohit calls Madhavi and Mohan who gains one point than its turn of Tulasi and Nandu. Everyone encourage them. Rohit asks Tulasi what’s her first gift to Nandu. Tulasi slowly says handmade shirt. Nandu also write the same answer than Rohit questions Tulasi what Nandu gifted her on first anniversary. Tulasi says her favourite anklets. Nandu writes his answer on board.

Precap – Tulasi asks Rohit why he put marriage as gift. Kids tells to Nandu that they enjoyed it. Nandu says I’m fine for marriage but take your mom Opinion too. Tulasi says Nandu can’t agree. Rohit says it’s the way to unite with Nandu, don’t lose it.

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