Intinti Gruhalaxmi 5th April 2021 Written Update: Nandu believes Lasya words against Tulasi – “”

Intinti Gruhalaxmi 5th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Shruthi denies to take Mohan and Madhavi help. Nandu receives low paycheck than he calls company to know why his salary is reduced. Accountant says these days everyone is doing work from home and Manager asked me to pay half amounts to everyone that’s why I followed his suggestions. Nandu says not even half salary is credited in my account.


Accountant says your involvement is decreased in project because of your recent health issue that’s why Manager may cut your salary. Nandu questions saying company never gave extra salary to me when I worked for extra hours than how can you cut my salary when I can’t work because of my health. Accountant says please talk with Manager and one suggestion their is already bad opinion about you at office so it’s risky for your job if you create any scene. Nandu feels frustrated.

Mallikarjun handovers Salary cheque to Tulasi and she feels elated seeing 3.5lakhs cheque. Parandamayya asks why she is getting tears. Tulasi says I never get more than 15k while working at school but today I got salary for working at Rohit Company and I couldn’t believe my eyes while seeing this amount and she happily shows that cheque to Parandamayya. Nandu and Lasya overhears their convo. Parandamayya says this cheque is answer to people who mocked you. Tulasi says don’t know about others but this cheque increased my confidence to achieve new things. Parandamayya says you can achieve everything and he calls kids to see their Mom’s salary cheque.


Prem and Divya feels happy seeing the cheque. Divya says she never expected this much salary. Tulasi says some of the amount is Bonus for my service to company. Prem tells he is proud of her. Anasuya says anyone can get these type of low salaries. Parandamayya says its double payment than Nandu salary. Anasuya says who knows when she lost the job. Parandamayya scolds his wife for her negativity and asks why can’t you notice Tulasi capability? She raised more than our son to get good salary. Nandu angrily says you never praised me when I get lakhs of salary but why you’re celebrating this small issue.

Prem says Mom proved to everyone that she can earn and you have to feel happy for it but why you’re talking in this way. Nandu says I’m the one who take care of this family but I never get this respect from you guys and I don’t know why you’re giving respect the her and your Mom kept this meeting to lower my value.


Prem says don’t show your jealousy Dad. Abhi and Ankita supports Nandu and fights with Prem. Tulasi asks Prem to leave the topic. Nandu says Tulasi is trying to increase her value by reducing my value. Everyone leaves to their rooms. Lasya goes to Nandu room and instigates him against Tulasi. Nandu says I just want her to achieve her dreams that’s why I allowed her to work.

Lasya says open your eyes and show your capacity to your family. Nandu says you’re right, I will prove to family members that I’m great by earning more than Tulasi. Lasya feels happy thinking her plan got successful. Tulasi about to tear the cheque thinking issue at home but Parandamayya stops her saying it’s recognization for your hard work. Tulasi says what’s the need of it when Nandu is not happy.

Episode ends.


Precap – Nandu plans to start business. Rohit tells to Tulasi that he will help Nandu financially for his business.

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