Intinti Gruhalaxmi 6th April 2021 Written Update: Nandu is adamant to resign his job for business – “”

Intinti Gruhalaxmi 6th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Parandamayya questions why she us tearing the cheque. Tulasi says I want my husband to feel happy seeing my success but it didn’t happened than what’s the use of these cheques. Parandamayya says you worked so much for this family but you never get recognization from them so don’t feel while thinking about it. Tulasi says previously I used to feel I’m nothing but this job raised confidence in me but I’m feeling bad when my own family members didn’t understand me. Parandamayya says Nandu won’t change if your tear this cheque, ego started in Nandu heart that’s why he is behaving in this way, don’t lose your happiness for others and don’t kill your self confidence. Tulasi looks on.


Next day Shruthi cries while thinking about house owner words. Vandana asks if she us thinking about owner words. Shruthi says I never expected men can behave in this way, house owner never behaved in this way when my father is alive but he turns to be animal and I don’t know how to face this situation. Vandana asks Shruthi to take Prem support to escape from this situation. Shruthi says Prem already did so much to me so I can’t take his help. Vandana says Prem understand you so don’t hesitate to take his help. Shruthi says I don’t want Prem to struck in more problems because of me that’s why I don’t take any help from him.

Prem tells to his Mom that he is going out and asks her to won’t wait for him. Tulasi agrees than she notices his ring is missing and asks why his ring is missing. Prem tells her how he mortgaged his ring to help Shruthi financially. Tulasi says you know that I won’t stop you from helping her, tell me when you needed money and don’t mortgage things in this way and she gives money to Prem and asks him to give it to Shruthi. Prem leaves after thanking his Mom.


Tulasi notices Nandu is going out than she asks if he is going to office. Nandu says yes. Tulasi tells him he needs one more month rest. Nandu says don’t take tension because I’m going to resign my job. Tulasi and Lasya gets shocked. Parandamayya asks what’s the need to resign his job. Nandu says people are mocking for my income that’s why I decided to do my own business leaving this job to prove my worth to everyone. Parandamayya says we praised Tulasi for her pay but didn’t compared it with you to lower your image, don’t take rash decisions because your health is also not good. Tulasi says true, don’t take these business tension. Nandu says I may die quickly if I feel tensed that’s it right. Tulasi asks why are you saying in this way? How can we live without you. Nandu says I don’t feel so because you guys just need money and don’t care about my health. Parandamayya asks what happened to you? Why you’re talking in this way. Nandu says my decision is final to leave this job. Parandamayya asks how he get investment for business. Nandu says don’t worry because I don’t take your help. Tulasi tries to stop him but Abhi and Ankita supports Nandu decision. Prem gives money to Shruthi, she tries to deny but he won’t listen and insists her to take the money.

Episode ends.


Precap – Rohit decides to provide financial help to Nandu.

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