Intinti Gruhalaxmi 7th April 2021 Written Update: Nandu is adamant and denies taking Tulasi advice – “”

Intinti Gruhalaxmi 7th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Shruthi accepts money from Prem after so much insistence. Prem says it’s not safe for you to stay at this place after knowing your house owner is bad so shift to Madhavi Mom in law place. Shruthi says she can’t involve them in her problems, let me face it with my strength because it’s needed. Prem looks on. Abhi notices Ankita worriedly thinking about something and he asks her what happened. Ankita says don’t know whom to support in our family. Abhi says Dad is doing correct. Ankita says it’s risky for Father in law if he thinks about business at this time because it’s not safe for his health to take new tensions. Abhi says Dad is strong and he can achieve it. Ankita tells him they have to come on roads if something happens in their family. Abhi says it’s all happening because of Mom but don’t worry Dad is strong and he can achieve it.


Nandu frustratingly reaches to home. Tulasi asks him if it’s really needed to start business leaving his job? Nandu says it’s needed to prove myself. Tulasi says don’t take decisions in anger, we know your value than what’s the need to show it. Nandu says it’s all happening because of you. Tulasi says you know that I’m working for family than why you’re blaming me. Nandu says you’re changed with money. Tulasi says change your thoughts than you can know that I didn’t changed, I just want you to help you by earning money so please understand it. Nandu asks will she resign her job if he earns both of their income. Tulasi gets shocked and tells him to don’t take any decisions in haste because it’s not correct time. Nandu says I know you always want to suppress mey growth that’s why you’re trying to stop me and he leaves to his room.

Tulasi shares her problem with Rohit and tells him how Nandu is not understanding her care and love. Rohit says until now you’re dependent and adjustable but now you’re free to take decisions which Nandu can’t bear and he is behaving in this way because of situation that doesn’t mean he hates you and one day he will understand you. Tulasi says don’t know how to make him understand my love. Rohit says their is one way, currently he is in ego mode so let him earn more than you so his ego can be satisfied and let’s help him financially. Tulasi says he won’t take your help. Rohit says it’s business proposal so let’s try.


Nandu friends denies to start business with him than he contacts bank people but they denies to give loan than he thinks where to get money. Lasya thinks about Nandu decision. Bhagya asks why she looks worried. Lasya shares with her how Nandu plans to start business resigning his job and he denied to take family members help too. Bhagya says use this situation in your favour and make Nandu get money through your contacts than your value will get increased in his eyes. Lasya thinks about it.

Episode ends.


Precap – Nandu denies to take Rohit help. Lasya takes Nandu to the financiar.

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