Intinti Gruhalaxmi 8th April 2021 Written Update: Tulasi feels bad when Nandu rejects Rohit offer – “”

Intinti Gruhalaxmi 8th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bhagya says help him to get the finance than you will be the reason if Nandu gets successful in business than he won’t think about anything and readily accept you as his wife. Lasya feels happy and asks what about Tulasi. Bhagya says he won’t think about Tulasi and you can get closer to him. Lasya agrees with Bhagya plan.


Rohit reaches to Nandu home and wishes Nandu than Nandu asks if he came for Tulasi. Rohit says no, I came to talk with you. Nandu asks what he wants to talk with him. Rohit says I saw your business proposal file at my friend’s company and I liked your idea that’s why want to invest in your business like a partner. Parandamayya feels happy and asks Nandu why he is thinking so much. Nandu says you may feel it’s great opportunity but I don’t feel it because I have self-respect. Parandamayya asks why he is talking in this way. Nandu says you may say in future that I got successful because of Tulasi friend. Parandamayya says I never point you. Nandu says stop it because I know how you take Tulasi side. Rohit says I came to talk with partnership, let’s talk in professional way and keep your issues aside. Nandu tells him he don’t want to work with him and rejects his offer. Tulasi feels bad.

Rohit says think about it another time because you’re loosing the good opportunity. Nandu says I know what I’m doing so keep your offer with you and I know you came here after Tulasi telling you that her husband can’t do anything without support. Rohit says you’re misunderstanding Tulasi. Nandu says I understood her completely that’s why I won’t take help from her and her friend and tell to your friend that I don’t need any help of her and he goes to his room. Lasya feels happy. Rohit about to leave than Tulasi and Parandamayya apologies to Rohit for Nandu behaviour. Rohit says husband’s can’t take sportively if their wifes are getting better success than them and currently Nandu is in same situation. Parandamayya says don’t know why Nandu changed so much. Rohit says his ego is increasing, hope he won’t lose anything and Nandu decisions gonna impact your family so keep an eye on his activities and make him choose good decisions. Parandamayya agrees than Rohit leaves from Tulasi place.


Lasya goes to Nandu room and praises him for rejecting Rohit proposal. Nandu says we already took so much help from Rohit so it will be odd to take another help from him. Lasya says glad you rejected it otherwise Tulasi may take whole credit. Nandu says I know about Tulasi but currently I’m thinking how to start the business and where to get money. Lasya says let’s take loan at private financiar. Nandu says they may charge more interest. Lasya says don’t think about interest, first think about how start your business. Nandu agrees.

Shruthi sees house owner is waiting at her place than she pays him the rent and asks him to leave her. House owner says you’re single lady who needs men support so let me be that man. Shruthi says I’m like your daughter so stop seeing me in that way, he won’t listen than Shruthi shouts at him to leave. House owner says I will see how can you stand on your feet and leaves from that place. Vandana says this owner seems risky, what to do. Shruthi says I payed all money to rent so I have to get some job because I don’t want to depend on Prem. Vandana says you don’t have any safety here. Shruthi says let’s complaint to aunty if he crosses his limit. Lasya and Nandu waits for Financiar.


Episode ends.

Precap – Tulasi warns Nandu about private finance and asks him to use their house papers to get money. Nandu denies to take her help.

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