Intinti Gruhalaxmi 9th April 2021 Written Update: Tulasi advises Nandu to rethink his decision – “”

Intinti Gruhalaxmi 9th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Nandu and Lasya waits for Financiar. Sasikala reaches to Nandu home. Nandu and Lasya welcomes her. Tulasi notices everything. Sasikala asks Nandu to call everyone to hall than she calls everyone by herself. Family members looks worried seeing her behaviour. Sasikala says I may burn everything if anything goes against Me, I love money so you have to pay the money on time otherwise my men will break your legs and we don’t hesitate to kill anyone. Nandu says we talked everything on call so let’s give the money. Sasikala says we have to follow the protocol before giving money that’s why your people must know how much amount you’re taking from me and what I may do with you if you won’t pay the money on time. Nandu says he will pay the amount on time. Parandamayya questions Nandu why he is taking amount from risky people. Nandu says don’t try to stop me. Parandamayya says you’re not understanding than its your wish and he leaves from that place.


Nandu asks Sasikala to start the process. Sasikala asks Nandu to sign the papers. Nandu signs the papers which makes Tulasi gets worried. Sasikala gives him 35lakhs after collecting the signed papers and she asks him to count the money. Nandu tells her everything is correct. Sasikala warns him to pay the amount correctly. Nandu assures her that he will pay the amount on time. Sasikala leaves.

Parandamayya scolds Nandu for signing the papers. Nandu says I didn’t take any help from you than why are you trying to stop me. Abhi says Dad is not kid so don’t stop him. Lasya says you’re correct Abhi, these people are trying to suppress Nandu. Parandamayya says we want welfare of Nandu that’s why we think many times about every decisions unlike you. Nandu says you guys are trying to stop me. Tulasi says we want you to rethink about your decision, those people may charge high interest and we may face problems if we don’t pay the interest on time. Nandu says he trusts himself unlike them. Tulasi says we are suggesting you to choose good way. Nandu says I can face my problems so stay away from it. Anasuya says Nandu wants to achieve something so don’t discourage him. Nandu goes inside with Lasya.


At night Tulasi meets Nandu and advices him to don’t take money from Sasikala kind of person. Nandu denies to listen her words. Tulasi asks him to do business by mortgaging their house papers in bank. Nandu tells her he didn’t forget how she cheated him previously and now I won’t take any help from you because you’re trying to prove you’re great than me. Tulasi says you’re misunderstanding me. Nandu tells her I won’t take any help from you and will prove to everyone that I’m great by earning more than you.

Landlord aunty comes to Shruthi place for 3months rent. Shruthi tells her she already payed the amount to uncle. Vandana supports Shruthi. Landlord uncle enters saying these people are doing dramas and she didn’t even pay one rupee to me and he tells to his wife that Shruthi is not good kind of person and instigates his wife against Shruthi by telling lies. Shruthi asks aunty to trust her. Landlord aunty warns Shruthi to vacate the house immediately. Shruthi feels helpless. Tulasi thinks about her past moments with Nandu.


Episode ends.

Precap – Lasya asks Nandu to fulfill her wish.

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