Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 20th February 2021 Written Update: Riddhima gets attacked numerous times – “”

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 20th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dadi tying the sacred thread around Vansh’s wrist. He badmouths Pandit but Dadi asks him to not say anything against him as whatever he said came true all the time. She asks him not to remove the thread for one day.


Chang scolds someone on phone for taking Vansh’s side. The person says that they both want to destroy Vansh and says he needs diamond and he will give it. Chang calls Vansh and asks how he’s alive still. He threatens Vansh and Vansh gets angry at him. Chang swears to ruin Vansh if he doesn’t get his diamonds. He promises to destroy him and his wife. Vansh fumes at him to not mess with his wife.

Chang says that accidents are common these days and asks him to make sure to not let his wife on roads. Riddhima is sure that she’s going to get attached somehow. She finds a big flower basket and gets doubtful. She asks servant to check it and it has only flowers. She asks him to empty the basket. In the meantime she finds Vansh leaving somewhere. Riddhima decides to speak with Vansh and leaves the place. Someone is there in the basket.


Vansh is fuming at someone on phone when Riddhima says that she feels weird. She finds Vansh not paying not attention to her and taunts him. Vansh lashes out at her for nagging him. Riddhima says everyone is only worried about him. She asks him to at least think about their baby. Vansh shouts at her that he’s fed up of hearing the word baby and leaves the room. Riddhima watched shocked.

Riddhima calls Angre the reason behind Vansh’s insecurities. Angre says that no one wants to show their pain in front of the family. He says that it happened in his childhood where he got tortured for his father’s mistakes. From then he took vow to not become a father. Angre says that in their business if something happens to him they would trouble his child and he fears for the same. He pleads Riddhima to not say Vansh that it was him who told everything to her.


Riddhima thanks him. Dadi is spinning sweaters when Aryan asks what’s the reason to spin it so soon. He says anyone may not know whether it would be even used. Dadi reprimands him for speaking bad. Aryan cooks up some excuse. Dadi leaves for pooja while Aryan looks at the sweater.

Vansh’s shirt button comes off and Riddhima offers to stitch it. She assures that their child will not suffer what he faced. She gets pricked by needle and Vansh sucks her finger to stop the blood. Riddhima tries explaining him in order for him to overcome his fear. Vansh says it’s not so simple and leave. Riddhima wonders how to convince him.

Riddhima feels someone’s presence and wonders who is it. Suddenly someone pulls her feet and she’s about to fall down but Vansh holds her. Riddhima says that someone pulled her leg and tried making her fall down. Vansh checks the place and finds none. He takes Riddhima from there while someone is seen hiding.


Dadi recites the story for Sarasvati pooja. She calls Riddhima to join. Riddhima sits there when Aryan leaves getting a call. Riddhima thinks that the mysterious person will not keep quite doing anything. Red gloved guy keeps current passing wire on the way and drops a flower plate. Everyone hears the sound and Riddhima goes to check it. She’s about to step on the wire but soon notices it. She finds a shadow of someone leaving and follows the person. The person is seen hiding behind the curtain but escapes before Riddhima could catch him. Riddhima tries going behind him but he diverts her. She sees the big flower basket brought by servants. She doubts whether someone is present inside it and so empties the basket. A lady comes out of it and its revealed to be Anupriya.

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