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The episode starts with Vennila telling Rupa that she’s going to the office room to check the availability of the room in the hostel. Rupa says that she told she will stay at her sister’s house till the month end and asks if there’s any problem there. Vennila says nothing like that.


Vennila goes to the staff and asks if there’s any room available in the hostel. The staff checks and says one room is available and tells Vishwa is the head for the hostel and asks her to talk to him. Vishwa hears them. Vennila notices Vishwa and says that she wants to register in hostel. However Vishwa says that rooms aren’t available. Vennila says that the staff confirmed there’s one room and he may not know about it. Vishwa gets furious and scolds Vennila. He then scolds the staff and asks to check properly. The staff changes his version and says that there’s no room available. Vennila is shocked. She asks the staff that he told her just before there’s one room. The staff says that there is a room in the boys hostel and he told her mistakenly. Vennila pleads with Vishwa to help her, but he refuses to provide room and walks away. Vennila gets sad and her friend consoles her.

Abhi comes to the classroom and gets seated next to her sister. Her sister is shocked to see Abhi there and asks if her anger had calmed down. Abhi says that yesterday is over and one shouldn’t keep thinking about the past. Vennila comes to the classroom. Her classmate, Tamish, sings a song for Vennila praising her which angers Abhi. Tamish taunts Abhi and everyone claps for Vennila.


Abhi goes to Vennila and congratulates her shocking everyone. Abhi says that she underestimated her talent, but she proved her wrong. Abhi further says that she got impressed with Vennila’s speech. She asks if she’s angry with her. Vennila denies. Abhi asks if they can become friends. Vennila hesitates first, then accepts her friendship. Abhi’s sister asks Abhi what happened to her, why she changed all of a sudden. Abhi says that she decided to do everything without telling to anyone. Her sister asks what she’s upto. Abhi asks her to wait and watch.

Vennila returns Surya his book and says it would be difficult for her to prepare for the competition without this book and thanks him. Abhi and her sister get shocked knowing that Surya helped Vennila. Surya reminds Vennila that she had told only Saradha was responsible for her success and says all of a sudden she realized that he helped her. Vennila says that she wanted to thank him yesterday itself, but he angrily left the place. So, she was scared to talk to him. Surya says that she’s good in giving excuses and asks her to go to her seat.


The doctor checks Saradha and asks few questions. Saradha asks when they will discharge her. She has to go back to her place and resume her teaching work. The doctor advises that she should be under observation for one or two weeks. Mahadevan tells the doctor that they can discharge her after her complete recovery. He says that he will bear all the costs. Saradha says that she will pay her bill. The doctor leaves. Mahadevan says there’s an important event this week and asks Saradha if she remembers it. Saradha says she can never forget Surya’s birthday. Mahadevan promises to Saradha that Surya will celebrate his birthday with her. Saradha asks Mahadevan not to force Surya to come to her. Mahadevan assures her that Surya will himself come to her on his birthday and will seek her blessings.

The next day in the college, Rupa and Vennila are sitting in the classroom. Rupa finds Vennila upset and asks if she’s still thinking about Surya scolding her. Vennila says that Surya scolds her always. Rupa says that she can’t understand why Surya is always angry with her. Tamish comes to them saying he also doesn’t understand it. Vennila says she can’t understand Surya. He asks her to leave the classroom without any proper reason, then appreciates her if she studies well and he helped her giving the book for the competition, but scolded her when he thanked him. She says that it’s hard to earn good name to him then how she can convince him to talk to Saradha ma’am. Rupa questions which ma’am. Vennila changes the topic. She says that she should concentrate on her studies hereafter. Tamish and Rupa ask Vennila to help them in study. Tamish jokes and the trio laugh. Abhi and her sister glare at them.

The episode ends.


Precap: Abhi asks Vennila if she will come to her brother, Surya’s birthday Party. Vennila says she’s not coming, beacuse Surya will get angry seeing her.

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