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The episode starts with Anandhi asking Abhi what is her plan against Vennila. Abhi says that she will get to know about it soon. Abhi makes an announcement to all the students. She says that the next day is Surya’s birthday and he celebrates his every birthday in an old age home. She adds that they all will surprise him going there and she will text them the location. The students get excited. Anandhi asks Abhi why she invited the whole class for Surya’s birthday to which Abhi replies to make Vennila come. Anandhi asks what if Vennila doesn’t come. Abhi thinks.


The students are leaving home as the college got over. Vennila is leaving with her friend Rupa. Abhi stops Vennila and asks if she will come to her brother’s birthday. Vennila says that she’s not coming because Surya doesn’t like her, he scolds her always. So, she doesn’t want to spoil his mood on his birthday. Abhi says that Surya considers her as a good student and praised her for winning the competition in front of them. Vennila is surprised to hear this. Abhi persuades Vennila to come to Surya’s birthday.

The next day, Vennila writes a note for Surya in the greeting card. In that card she states that the book he gave her, was very helpful to win the elocution competition and thanks him for that. She also writes that she knows he’s angry with her for some unknown reason and assures him that she will make him proud. Vennila thinks that she should somehow give this card to Surya.


After a while, Vennila comes downstairs getting ready for Surya’s birthday celebration. She doesn’t find the card and searches for it. She notices that Sowmiya’s mother-in-law having that card and asks her to return the card stating she made it with her own hands. Sowmiya’s mother-in-law taunts Vennila and throws the card. away. Vennila picks it up and gets ready to leave. Sowmiya asks Vennila how she will go. Vennila says that she will go by bus. Sowmiya’s husband, Madhavan enquires Vennila where she’s going.

Sowmiya tells that Vennila is going to her professor’s birthday. Madhavan’s asks whether her professor is male or female. Vennila says that she’s going to Surya’s burthday. Madhavan remembers him and asks why she’s going to his birthday and badmouthes her. Vennila states that the whole class is going and asks not to speak ill about it. Madhavan’s mother tells that Vennila made a greeting card for her professor. Madhavan asks what’s the need to make greeting card for him. He’s not her relation. He adds that she never made any greeting cards for his birthday. Vennila says that she respects Surya lot and she’s not doing anything wrong. Madavan and his mom keep taunting Vennila. Sowmya stops them and asks Vennila to leave.


At the hospital, Saradha is looking at Surya’s childhood photo and gets emotional thinking that she can’t be with him on his birthday. Saradha says that Surya doesn’t like her and he is right to hate her for have left him in his childhood. She says that she longs to hear him calling her as mom and cries. Just then Vennila comes to see Saradha. The latter wipes her tears. Vennila tells that all the students are going to Surya’s birthday celebration in an old aged home. She says that she misunderstood Surya seeing him acting rudely with her, but she realized that she was wrong after knowing he celebrates his every birthday with the people abandoned by their own family. Surya is just angry with her.

Vennila then asks Saradha if she feels bad that she can’t meet Surya on his birthday. Saradha says that she used to it, but her love for him will not reduce in anyway. Vennila asks if she can wish him on her behalf. Saradha asks her not to spoil Surya’s mood by talking about her. Vennila agrees. She then shows the greeting card that she made for Surya to thank him. She’s scared how Surya will react to it. Saradha assures her that he will happily accept it.

The episode ends.


Precap: Surya reaches the old age home and is surprised to see all the decorations and his students there.

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