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The episode starts with Meenakshi and Shivanantam wishing Surya on his birthday. Surya takes their blessings. Meenakshi says that he should get married this year. Then Mahadevan, Vishwa, Abhi and Anandhi wish Surya happy Birthday. They all take a group selfie. Meenakshi feeds payasam to Surya. Meenakshi pretends to get emotional and says that she feared if she can be able to fulfill his mother’s place when Saradha left him in his childhood, but now he has grown up and become a man. She asks Surya if he considers her as his mother. Surya says that she always hold a higher place than his biological mother. Meenakshi gets happy hearing it. Surya adds that he doesn’t care about the one who left him, his family is his biggest gift. Meenakshi says she made his favorite dishes and asks Surya to have food. However Surya says that he has to go out and will eat night. Meenakshi asks where he’s going on his birthday. Mahadevan reminds Meenakshi that Surya celebrates his every birthday with the elderly people in the old age home. Mahadevan thinks of somehow convincing Surya and taking him to Saradha. Abhi and Anandhi want to accompany Surya which surprises the family members. Surya agrees.


Later Surya reaches the oldage home and gets surprised on seeing all the decorations made for his birthday. Just then his students come in front of him clapping hands. Surya notices Vennila. He feels anger, but controls itignoreing her. Vennila thinks that she should give the greeting card to Surya when he’s in good mood.

The oldage home in charge comes to Surya and says that everyone is waiting for him. Surya asks Mahadevan about the new clothes bought to give to the elders. Mahadevan says that they’re in the car. He will bring it. Surya goes in with that lady. Vennila is upset that she couldn’t give the greeting card to Surya. Abhi takes Vennila inside. Anandhi wonders what Abhi is upto.


Surya meets an old woman and asks how she’s doing. The woman says that her own son left her and she considers him as her son. The in charge tells that today is Surya’s birthday. The woman blesses him and says that she doesn’t have anything to give him. He asks her to have her medecine properly as his birthday gift and she agrees. An old man comes to Surya and they have a talk. Vennila is suprised seeing Surya’s this side. She tells Mahadevan that she always saw Surya angry, but here he’s very affectionated with everyone. Mahadevan says that anger is Surya’s only flaw which hides all his qualities. Vennila says that Surya misses Saradha lot and yearns for her love, so he’s trying to get that love from others. She is confident that Surya will soon talk to his mother.

The episode ends.


Precap for next week : Vennila wishes Surya on his birthday and gives him the greeting card. However Surya scolds her and throws the card on her face. Vennila gets hurt.

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