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Episode starts with Karthik says get kids from Deepa giving her money. Soundarya gets angry and questions him how can he talk low about Deepa. Karthik says he don’t want kids to live in poverty. Soundarya asks him to search. Karthik says you know their place but you’re not telling me.


Soundarya tells him she don’t know. Karthik says listen what I’m hearing than decide if you want to tell me or not. Soundarya asks what’s it. Karthik says Mounitha promised me to get Hima to me and I promised her that I will marry her if she brings Hima.

Family members gets shocked. Karthik says tell me about Hima location by yourself than I won’t marry Mounitha otherwise I need to marry her if I got to know Hima location through Mounitha, think and decide. Soundarya stops him and asks is it your stupidity or love for Hima. Karthik says it’s my love for Hima that’s makes me stupid and he goes to his room. Soundarya says Deepa life gets ruined if Mounitha founds Hima location and marries Karthik. AnandRao asks what if that happens. Soundarya says I won’t let it happen until I’m alive.


Customer reaches to Deepa Tiffin centre and praises the taste of Tiffin after having it and tells them that he will bring his friends to their shop and leaves. Sourya asks why they didn’t come. Varanasi says they will come for sure. Deepa asks what they are talking. Sourya says I asked him to implement one idea to increase our business and I won’t reveal it now because I.e suspence. Varanasi asks them to wait for 5minutes. Hima asks if their Dad is coming. Others stays silent.

Soundarya reaches to Murali Krishna place. Bhagyalakshmi says I’m changed and I won’t stop my husband to help her and you saw her like your daughter but she left without telling to anyone. Murali Krishna says we didn’t have her support when she needed us and she left from here thinking her life won’t get changed.


Soundarya says everyone wants to unite Deepa and Karthik, Deepa left from city that means she won’t come back to us or this city so she might went far from us. Murali Krishna asks why Deepa took this drastic step. Soundarya reminsces how Karthik insulted Deepa and she says Deepa is tired with her fight because her husband denied to believe her innocence and her hopes are vanished that’s why she left the city. Murali Krishna in tears says don’t know how much struggle Deepa is facing.

Soundarya says I don’t let them live in proverty, I will make them have my property, search them everywhere and she gives him money and asks him to search everywhere with their team. Murali Krishna asks will Deepa comes back to them. Soundarya says that’s our aim to bring her back and we have to found Deepa before Mounitha so trace her quickly. Murali Krishna agrees.

Car stops at Tiffin stall. Hima says maybe Dad is in that car. Some lady comes out from car. Varanasi asks what she wants. Lady says my people got parcel from you and I liked them so now I want to have Idli and soda also. Varanasi gives her Tiffin. Lady praises the taste. Hima asks why you guys are smiling. Sourya says this is my idea than another car reaches to their place.


Precap – lady says where is your Dad? Because you’re Tiffin centre name is Nanna’s Tiffin centre. Sourya asks if they can erase board. Karthik says let’s bring Rowdy along with Hima. Mounitha says ok, we can happily live with them. Soundarya looks at them.

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