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Episode starts with Hima asks Sourya why you guys are smiling seeing eachother. Sourya says that’s my idea, she is the known person to Varanasi and few more will come seeing her. Many people comes to the hotel in cars and bikes. Sourya and Hima collects money. Deepa praises Sourya intelligence and they counts the money.


Mounitha says I send Deepa and kids photos to hospitals and medical shops so we can trace the very soon. Karthik says it’s good idea let’s bring Rowdy along with Hima. Mounitha says it’s your wish except Deepa anyone can come with you and we can live like a happy family. Soundarya goes to Mounitha place and notices both are smiling than she says seems like I disturbed you guys. Karthik says no problem, if Mounitha founds Hima first than you have to come here to see us.

Soundarya says good future plans, can you go out because I wants to talk with Mounitha alone. Karthik asks if she bought gun with her. Soundarya says I’m promising you that nothing can happen to her so leave to hospital. Mounitha holds Karthik hand and asks him to stay with her. Soundarya says don’t act like you’re scared, leave Karthik. Karthik goes out.


Mounitha asks why she came to her place. Soundarya asks where is your Priyamani. Mounitha asks why you need her? We don’t have ritual to offer coffee to guests. Soundarya says I thought to have coffee, anyways you don’t have manners and came to talk with you for Deepa. Mounitha asks her to tell the matter.

Soundarya praises Deepa qualities and tells to Mounitha that you don’t have any qualities of woman, you changed Karthik but fix on point that you can’t marry Karthik because you won’t found Hima. Mounitha says I will marry Karthik and stays in my home. Soundarya says prepare yourself because your dreams won’t turn real, I promised to Karthik that I won’t harm you otherwise I may slap you.


Mounitha says you guys scared from the moment Karthik revealed his promise to you guys that he will marry me and I will utilize his offer to get him. Soundarya says I came here to warn you. Mounitha says I’m well prepared so let’s start the war and time will decide who gonna win. Priyamani enters home. Mounitha asks her to give water to Soundarya and she leaves out saying she have work. Soundarya leaves from that place.

Lady notices happy faces of kids and goes to them. Sourya tells today collection is 2800. Santhanam says kids are so cute and asks when they came. Deepa asks who’s she , she introduces herself as Santhanam. Santhanam asks from where they come here. Deepa and Sourya won’t reveal city name.

Santhanam says how she is roaming around temples for kids and she wishes to have kids like Sourya and Hima, she asks them about their names. Sourya says rowdy. Santhanam says what kind of name is it. Sourya says my Dad calls me with this name than she asks Hima name. Hima says Bangaram. Santhanam asks where is your Dad? Your Tiffin centre name is Nanna’s Tiffin that’s why asking? Think what if everyone asks you same question, anyways I’m going because I have an appointment with Gynecologist.


Precap – Deepa asks what’s it. Sourya says it’s black paint to remove dad’s name. Deepa asks why. Hima says that lady raised question and it mane you felt sad that’s why. Deepa gets emotional seeing her Mangalsutra and asks can they remove their Dad from their hearts.

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