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Episode starts with Soundarya says kids parents will think about them so don’t go, let’s see who will pick kids from hotel. Aditya asks what kind of competition is this? AnandRao says let’s see who will respond first whether their Dad or Mom. Aditya says definetly Karthik will go first. Shravya says Deepa will go. AnandRao says wait and see.


Deepa reminsces hotel incident. Murali Krishna asks her what happened. Deepa says my husband is good but Mounitha is making him get blinded and I wish to kill Mounitha but I’m stopping myself seeing kids. Murali Krishna asks won’t she getting scared seeing Soundarya.

Deepa says no because Mom in law leaving her thinking Karthik may decides to marry her. Murali Krishna asks until when they gonna forgive Mounitha. Deepa says one person gonna expose her soon.


On the way Karthik feels sad for leaving kids in hotel and says don’t know whether Sourya at my place or Deepa place. Mounitha says careful regarding Sourya. Karthik says don’t blame them for everything, maybe Deepa did mistake but she and Sourya are living with ethics and they never accepted money from Mom too, so don’t badmouth about them than he stops the car and calls his Mom to know where is rowdy.

Soundarya thinks she did correct and says she don’t know about kids. Karthik asks how can they left kids in hotel, won’t they get scared. Soundarya says their parents must think about it. Karthik says I never leave kids responsibility to you and he goes to hotel.


Tulasi reaches to Deepa place. Murali Krishna welcomes her. Tulasi asks why he is cooking. Murali Krishna says he is cooking for Deepa and Hima. Tulasi asks Hima. Murali Krishna tells her how Hima is staying with Deepa. Tulasi thinks Doctor babu don’t know that Vihari can’t have kids so Deepa and kids are suffering and she asks where is Deepa.

Murali Krishna says Deepa went out, tell me what’s the matter I will convey her. Tulasi thinks noone must Knows my husband is impotent Except Karthik and Deepa and she asks Murali Krishna to make Deepa call her once she reach to home.

Sourya and Hima thinks who will pick them up. Deepa reaches to hotel, kids feels happy. Sourya asks them to drop her in Soundarya place. Deepa takes them in scooty and Karthik stops them on the way. Hima goes to Karthik but she comes back to Deepa and Sourya happily goes to Karthik side. Hima questions him why he left them at hotel.


Karthik says I thought your Mom or grandparents will take you. Deepa says maybe he had urgent work with Mounitha, what happens to kids if I didn’t came here. Karthik asks her to call her Mom in law to know it. Deepa says she did correct. Karthik says you always feel you guys are correct.

Mounitha says Karthik let’s go. Deepa says go because mam is busy. Karthik asks Sourya to sit in car and they about to leave than Deepa tells to Karthik that she wants to talk with him personally. Karthik says we don’t have any personal. Deepa says love of mother is win over brought up love and she leaves from that place.

Precap – Soundarya asks why she is so confident. Deepa reveals her plan. Everyone claps for her and Karthik overhears her plan.


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