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Episode starts with Mounitha thinks I didn’t expected this twist, if Tulasi Informs Karthik that Vihari can’t have kids than Karthik will start his enquiry to found the truth and he will never believe my lies again, what i have to do? Priyamani asks why she looks worried. Mounitha says everything is going against me, don’t know why I’m getting these hurdles and she sends Priyamani and thinks to keep Tulasi away from Deepa.


Murali Krishna brings favourite veggies to home for Hima and he tells Deepa that Tulasi came to meet you, so call her. Deepa tries her number but it’s switched off. Sourya thinks seriously about something. Karthik asks what’s she thinking seriously. Sourya says Hima and me are my Mom daughters and you’re my Mom’s husband, Hima calls you Dad Infront of everyone than why can’t i? Karthik says your questions are valid and very soon you will know the answer so let’s have dinner.

Deepa tells to her Dad that tomorrow they will go to their place. Murali Krishna says your income is stopped so vacate that house and shift here completely. Deepa says she can’t. Murali Krishna agrees.


Mounitha shouts for coffee than she calls Sujatha and asks if she met Deepa. Sujatha says she didn’t and one of my aunty is saying Deepa is acting like confident. Mounitha says try hardly because she won’t be that confident without any reason.

Sujatha cuts the call. Mounitha sees Karthik and tells him what Sujatha told her. Karthik asks her to take her fee back so they can hire another lawyer. Mounitha says let’s see what gonna happen tomorrow and it’s your fault for valuing them so get to know what’s Deepa plan. Karthik says he will know and leaves from that place.


Soundarya and AnandRao thinks what’s Deepa confidence, tomorrow is first hearing, that time Deepa came to home with Hima. Hima goes to meet Sourya. Deepa asks if Karthik at home. Soundarya says he went outside and just now we are talking about tomorrow hearing.

Deepa asks if they are feeling tensed. Soundarya asks why she is confident? Deepa says I will tell you and she says let’s start the play, Soundarya is judge, Anand Rao us lawyer and Aditya and Shravya are audience. Deepa says I will tell these are Karthik kids and he tells they are not. Soundarya says I get it , court needs proof that these kids are not belongs to him or judge asks Karthik to accept his wife and Kids.

Karthik gets shocked overhearing their convo. Everyone clap for it. Deepa says Karthik will accept us, I will make him do it that’s why I’m confident. AnandRao says Brilliant idea and blesses her. Karthik thinks why that Sujatha didn’t think this point and he goes out to ruin Deepa plan.


Precap – Tulasi packs her bag to leave to Vihari. Mounitha warns Tulasi that time Deepa goes to meet her and Tulasi informs to Deepa that Vihari can never have kids.

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