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Episode starts with Mounitha on call tells to Sujatha that they have to win the case. Karthik takes phone from her. Sujatha says don’t take tension we gonna win case. Karthik says Deepa is intelligent than you and she already won the case and it’s closed before going to court that’s why I’m dropping in the middle, take your documentation money and send remaining amount to Mounitha account. Mounitha looks on.


Sourya tells to her Mom that she will come tomorrow to their house. Soundarya and AnandRao asks why she is going so soon. Sourya says I want to leave before Doctor babu asked me to leave. Deepa asks why she felt so. Sourya says last night I asked him why can I call him Dad when Hima can.

Deepa asks what he said. Sourya says he didn’t answered me but please at least you answer it Mom. Deepa hugs her. Sourya says I’m feeling like I’m Orphan, am I really orphan? Everyone feels bad. Soundarya hugs Sourya in tears.


Bhagyalakshmi calls Murali Krishna and asks if he is cleaning house. Murali Krishna says yes and she informs him that tomorrow she is coming.

Tulasi on call talks with Vihari while packing her bags and tells him that she is coming to him and can’t see his depression, she about to lock the door than notices Mounitha at her place and asks why she came to her place.


Mounitha says your life ruined so I came to help you. Mounitha says I won’t believe you like Deepa, stay away from Deepa and Karthik life and let them live happily that’s enough. Mounitha raises her hand to slap her but stops in the middle, why you need my personal matters, am I stopping them?

Deepa says yes. Mounitha thinks why Deepa came at this time, if Tulasi went from here than she may not find anything, she sits at sofa and asks them to talk. Deepa mocks Mounitha. Mounitha says don’t teach lesson to others like you’re intelligent. Deepa says you feel that Doctor babu listens to you and living in that imagination but remember this that who eye on other woman husband is equal to prostitute and you will get your punishment very soon. Tulasi says true.

Mounitha says you worked with me like a nurse, don’t forget your position and she tells to Deepa that I recorded everything and sending it to your Mom in law and I will see what you will do and she leaves frustratedly.


Deepa asks why she came to meet her and asks where she is going. Tulasi says im going to my husband place to help him. Deepa asks what happened. Tulasi says she can’t become Mom. Deepa says consult doctors because their are many treatments. Tulasi says Vihari is infertile and he can’t have kids and it’s proved in tests. Deepa gets stunned.

Tulasi says my husband is important to me that’s enough and that’s why I’m going to him. Deepa praises Tulasi thoughts. Tulasi says it’s my bad luck but it’s gonna be good for you because you can prove to Doctor babu that you’re innocent. Deepa in tears says why God strucked me at this kind of situation. Tulasi says this truth will set your life and don’t misuse this opportunity.

Precap – Karthik tells to Soundarya that he dropped from court case idea. Soundarya asks won’t he needs his Hima. Karthik sats she will come to me.


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