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Episode starts with Tulasi asks Deepa to don’t misuse this opportunity and I want you to settle in life so dont take back step. Deepa in tears thinks about past how Karthik doubted her. Soundarya sits near Karthik and says tomorrow is court hearing right. Karthik says no because I withdraw the case.


Soundarya asks why you dropped in the middle. Karthik asks why you look upset? I don’t want to make our family matters reaches to court. Soundarya asks won’t he needs Hima. Karthik says Hima will come to me for sure. Soundarya asks why he is so confident. Mounitha enters saying she will make it happen.

Karthik asks why she came suddenly. Mounitha says what your daughter in law is thinking? I’m not her servant to bear her insults. Karthik asks what happened? Mounitha says I’m leaving her seeing your face Karthik and she shows the video she recorded at Tulasi place and asks in which matter Deepa is superior than me? This Karthik raised her position marrying her but her position is still same. Soundarya asks why you came in the early morning? Won’t you have any work expect following Deepa and Karthik.


Karthik asks why she went to Tulasi place. Mounitha leaves asking him to know it from Deepa. Soundarya says why she is coming to you after fighting with Deepa like she is your second wife. Karthik says what kind of language is this Mom, you guys don’t like Mounitha and in the same way I don’t like Deepa so don’t ask me to bear her and he leaves from home. Soundarya thinks Deepa may get upset knowing Karthik backoff from court case.

Deepa happily feeds sweet to Hima telling that she got opportunity to cool her Dad anger. Hima asks what happened suddenly. Deepa says one goddess gave me boon. Hima asks what’s that? Deepa says I can’t explain you but your Dad will run here to take us. Hima asks promise. Deepa says yes, it’s our good time. Hima happily feeds sweets to Deepa.


At home Bhagyalakshmi still thinks that she is in train and orders food in her sleep. Karthik reaches to Murali Krishna place and notices house is empty and calls for Hima than he wakesup Bhagyalakshmi and asks about Hima. bhagyalakshmi tells him that Hima and Deepa went to their home.

Karthik asks if they went knowing she is coming. Bhagyalakshmi says I’m changed that’s why I’m not saying anything to Deepa and she Tortures him with her Arda pavu talks and tells him that I prayed in every temple that you and Deepa must unite very soon and Deepa is pure and can never do wrong so unite with her. Karthik says Murali Krishna cheated me that’s why he got wife like you and he deserves it.

Varanasi notes down the list of people who wants Deepa food carriages after lockdown. Hima says tear off that list because very soon we are going to Dad place so Mom didn’t need to do this catering service. Deepa thinks true, Karthik will know truth from Court through DNA test and I don’t even need to expose Vihari and Tulasi truth. Soundarya reaches to Deepa place.


Deepa says true, let’s give it to someone because Vantalakka is going to change as Doctor babu wife. Soundarya feels sad and thinks how will Deepa react knowing Karthik decision, she sends Hima out with Varanasi. Deepa asks what happened. Soundarya tells her that Karthik withdraw the court case.

Precap – Deepa tells Vihari truth to Soundarya. Soundarya feels happy and says that she will prove that Deepa is fire. Mounitha listens to their convo and tells do what you can do, I will stop it.

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