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Episode starts with Deepa says I never wanted kids to work, you can ask them, how can he blame me when he is responsible for my condition. Karthik says why she denied our help? How she thought she can raise kids? He asks Murali Krishna to answer. Murali Krishna says my daughter don’t need your crores that’s why she came far from your place but I don’t know why you’re still angry at her that’s why standing silently.


Karthik asks why you came here? You came here to search them with my Mom’s money and you have to inform my Mom once you found their whereabouts but you didn’t do it and because of your this secrecy my story came from Bhagya nagaram to Vijaya nagaram and are you expecting your younger to have all property. Murali Krishna gets shocked and says i don’t have that kind of intentions, I just stayed here to help Deepa seeing her condition. Karthik questions how long he planned to stay here. Murali Krishna says until your heart gets changed but my luck that you came here so early. Karthik says stop it, how you expected that I will take your Daughter? Dont dream theses kind of things which can never happen.

Kids comes to Karthik, He asks Murali Krishna to tell Deepa to have proper rest after taking medicines and he goes out with kids to get food parcel for everyone. Murali Krishna asks what’s his intentions. Deepa says he don’t need me but he needs kids and he is keeping something in heart and saying something that’s why its tough to know what’s he planning to do.


Mounitha reaches to Hyderabad and angrily thinks I never thought Karthik will stoop this low for kids and he proved that he is normal person but I’m not and I can go any lengths to get what I wanted, you became Cheater Karthik but I know what plan I have to implement if you change your colours so just wait for 2months than you will fell at my feet.

Shravya calls Soundarya and AnandRao to have food. They denies. Aditya says Karthik and Deepa won’t care for your emotions and Brother won’t bring her back so don’t spoil your health for them. Soundarya says true, let’s have food than she gets shocked after noticing Karthik returned to home with Deepa and kids and she shows it to everyone and welcomes them. Kids happily hugs everyone. Soundarya says our family is finally reunited so witness it happily AnandRao Garu. Aditya thanks Karthik.


Everyone feels happy. Soundarya says I wish to slap you Deepa but your face is not allowing me to do it and she praises Karthik and Deepa. AnandRao says he is unable to see clearly. Soundarya asks him to wipe tears. AnandRao happily says he don’t need any medicines. Karthik says be cool Dad and he sends kids to get freshen up. Soundarya says you make us get worried but finally you bought your wife. Karthik says I bought your Daughter in law not my life.

Precap – Karthik handovers Deepa to Soundarya. Deepa says he fulfilled his promise. Karthik says I can never forgive her and what if something happens to her? Than what’s kids position.

Episode ends.


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