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Episode starts with Kids goes to upstairs happily. Soundarya says you make us get tensed but finally you bought your wife. Karthik says I get her as your daughter in law not as my wife, didn’t you remember your request. Everyone gets shocked. Karthik says kids are enough to me and I don’t need any wife. AnandRao asks what’s he saying. Karthik says it’s the deal proposed by Mom. Soundarya asks him to understand Deepa feelings.


Karthik says think who’s cruel me or Deepa? I didn’t separated kids from their Mom, Deepa is the one who ran away with kids. Soundarya says Deepa went away from here when you broke her heart, still you’re blaming her. Karthik says Deepa is running Tiffin stall and I felt bad when I saw my kids are working as servants, who gave her right to ruin Kids future for her self-respect? And kids may became alone if something happens to Deepa and you may forgive her but I can never forgive her for this mistake. Deepa stands silent.

Soundarya questions why you’re silent Deepa? Question him. Deepa says your son is in so much height than how to talk with him, he fulfilled his promise to you by bringing me, great father and he bought me for kids too, great father and how to tell him he lost as husband and self respect is nothing in his eyes and he bought me here as Nani to kids not as Mom. AnandRao says Deepa trusted you that’s why she came with you than why you’re talking in this way son.


Karthik says I didn’t do any mistake, it’s Deepa is the one who commited mistake and I’m giving my name to her Kids by providing every right to them and I can’t do more than this so please understand my version too and he about to leave than Aditya stops him saying both are right but why can’t you leave them at their place? Why you’re giving pain to her by bringing her back and who gave you info about Deepa address. Karthik says Doctor Mounitha. Everyone gets shocked. Karthik leaves to his room.

Mounitha reaches to home and she breakdown in Priyamani arms. Priyamani says you’re not Deepa to get tears so tell me what happened. Mounitha in tears says Karthik is gone from her hands. Priyamani says you dreamed that Karthik may marry you but everything is ruined so consult Astrologer to check your horoscope. Mounitha says Deepa is the one who’s coming between me and Karthik and I know how to remove her from my way.


At terrace Karthik thinks about Deepa words. AnandRao goes to Karthik and happily hugs him saying he is good son. Karthik tells him he bought Deepa for his Mom and kids. AnandRao says their is another reason why you bought her back. Karthik asks what’s it. AnandRao says your love on her make you bring her here. Karthik says it’s your illusion because I don’t have any feelings at her and I bought Deepa for everyone’s happiness.

AnandRao says you always think about us and we also think about you and your kids, you still respect Deepa nature even though you doubt her. Karthik says that’s why everyone likes her. AnandRao says it’s enough of Deepa miseries, I’m planning to give her good position in our company as my daughter in law and I know she can achieve good success, hope you don’t have any objection. Karthik looks on.

Episode ends.


Precap – Kids tells to Karthik how their Mom answered them when they asked he is good or bad. Karthik looks on after hearing it than he took promise from kids asking them never leave him.

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