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Episode starts with AnandRao asks Karthik if he have any objection if they give good position to Deepa in their company. Karthik tells him he don’t have any objection. AnandRao feels happy. Karthik says I bought her like your daughter in law so it’s your choice to make her CEO but it’s not correct time. Anand Rao asks why it’s not correct time? Karthik thinks Mom and Dad can’t bear if I told them that Deepa health condition is not good than Karthik tells to Anandrao that Deepa is stressed at heart so let’s give her sometime. AnandRao asks Karthik to rethink so he can know he still love Deepa. Karthik leaves.


Bhagyalakshmi feels worried when her Mangalsutra is missing. Murali Krishna gives her Mangalsutra. Bhagyalakshmi asks if he brought Deepa with him. Murali Krishna says Doctor babu took Deepa and kids with him to his place. Bhagyalakshmi gets shocked.

Hima and Sourya happily goes to Soundarya and she feels happy seeing them. Sourya and Hima tells her how they missed her. Soundarya to tells them how she missed them than Sourya shows her the video of Karthik making Dosas. Soundarya asks if their Dad really did all these things? Sourya says yes. Soundarya says he might realised the pain of your mom. Deepa comes to them. Sourya asks if she had tablet. Deepa nods yes. Soundarya asks what tablet? What happened to her. Sourya and Hima tells how their Mom suffered with Fever and cough. Deepa sends kids to play with Deepu.


Soundarya asks if she wanted to talk something with her. Deepa tells her she did mistake by asking Karthik to bring her like Daughter in law, I always wanted place in his heart and I didn’t know that I’m coming to home as your daughter in law until I reached to home. Soundarya says he is somewhat changed and time will change him completely and it’s better if you guys stay near eachother. Deepa says it’s tough to live like guest at my husband place. Soundarya says I know it’s tough but you have to stay here to change Karthik.

Deepa says he won’t change. Soundarya says Karthik can’t leave you guys in poverty that’s why he bought you guys to home and another important matter is Karthik promised to marry Mounitha if she brings Hima to him that’s why I asked him to bring you like my Daughter in law so Mounitha can’t enter in Karthik life as his second wife and you know how tough it’s to live with step Mom. Deepa gets tears. Soundarya says Mounitha found your address but she sent Karthik in place of her and don’t know what’s her motive behind it. Deepa says don’t know.


Sourya and Hima notices Nanna’s Tiffin centre board in Karthik room and they asks when he bought it. Karthik says I bought this board for you, you didn’t believed your Dad but sold Tiffin in his name and you have to feel that you can never leave your Dad while seeing this board that’s why bought it. Kids asks why didn’t he stop them? We may stay with you if you asks us to stay here with Mom. Karthik says that’s why I didn’t asked.

Hima asks than what’s changed? Why you bring us back? We missed you so much and Mom health also deteriorated with work. Karthik hugs them. Hima tells him how their Mom tells them that he is like God. Karthik reminsces how he hurted Deepa by not believing her words and he asks your Mom may never remembered me right. Sourya says she remembers you every moment, Mom told me that you’re in her Kumkum and Mangalsutra. Karthik looks shocked.

Episode ends.


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