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Episode starts with Karthik asks seems like your mom never remembered me. Sourya says no dad, she remembered you every moment when she saw her Kumkum and Mangalsutra. Hima tells they missed him so much. Karthik asks them to promise him that they won’t go anywhere leaving him. Kids gives their promise to Karthik which makes him emotional. Mounitha tries to do meditation but she couldn’t concentrate remembering Karthik working like servant for kids. Priyamani asks her why she looks worked. Mounitha tells her Yoga won’t suit me that’s why going to think plan to achieve my target and she asks Priyamani to get her coffee cum juice.


Next day Deepa opens Karthik room door which makes her remember the moments she shared with Karthik than she sees kids and thinks they are feeling safe here, he wants to do justice to kids but he don’t care about the injustice happening with his wife than she wakesup kids. Sourya wakes up and asks where is Dad. Deepa says don’t know. Sourya shows Tiffin board to Deepa. Karthik comesout from washroom after getting freshen up. Kids wishes him morning than they tells to Deepa that Dad bought this board because it’s reminder that we can never leave him and he even took promise from us. Deepa leaves asking them to get freshen up.

AnandRao sits in swing. Soundarya asks him what’s he thinking so much. AnandRao shares with Soundarya about his last night talk with Karthik and tells her don’t know why Karthik denied to hire Deepa in our company. Soundarya says I’m also thinking same because he looks worried even after bringing kids to home and we have to found answer from Karthik itself.


Deepa works in kitchen but she couldn’t concentrate on work remembering how Karthik insulted her by not believing her words than she throws vegetable tray and about lost her balance in dizziness but Malathi holds her at correct moment and makes her sit in the chair and gives her water. Malathi feels happy seeing Deepa at home and she goes to prepare and tells Deepa how everyone felt worried for her and she asks if her Dad bought her to home. Deepa says no, Karthik babu brought us to home. Malati feels happy and gives tea to Deepa than she advices Deepa to never leave from home because it’s your place. Deepa says Doctor babu brought me like Vantalakka not like his wife.

Karthik sees the board. Hima goes to his room and asks why he sits alone in the room. Karthik says nothing, just felt thirsty. Hima tells him that she will prepare soda. Karthik stops her and asks where she learnt the preparation. Hima tells him how she learnt at Vizayanagaram with out Deepa knowledge than says glad you bring us back otherwise Mom may still strucked at that work and she tells him Deepa miseries. Karthik stops her saying don’t raise about that idli shop because I never let you leave. Hima questions if he sends their mom. Karthik asks who told you. Hima says because you’re not facing Mom and she is staying in guest room like a Guest.


Episode ends.

Precap – Karthik asks Deepa to get ready so they can go to hospital for her health check-up. Deepa tells him her life is ruined and asks him to give clarity to her. Karthik asks why she is stubborn. Deepa tells him that he cheated her.

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