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Episode starts with Hima questions Karthik why their Mom is staying like guest? Whose guest she is? Karthik leaves aside without answering her question and he remembers Deepa health condition and thinks whether Deepa is guest to him or this world. Bhagyalakshmi gives coffee to Murali Krishna and questions him why is not thinking about Deepa. Murali Krishna says Deepa life is set so what to think about her. Bhagyalakshmi says Deepa never reveal her problems to us, how can Doctor babu accepts her when his Suspicion is still same, he may bring Deepa for kids, how you believe that he got changed suddenly. Murali Krishna asks what he have to do. Bhagyalakshmi says go and meet Deepa regularly so we can know what’s happening. Murali Krishna agrees and tells her that he will meet Deepa. Bhagyalakshmi says today I’m going to meet them so you can meet her from tomorrow onwards.


Karthik goes to Deepa and asks her to get ready. Deepa questions to where? Am I need to vacate guest room. Karthik says your health is not good. Deepa says from last 10years my life is disturbed along with health so what. Karthik says I will take you to hospital because kids are worried for your health and you need to be healthy so get ready. Deepa asks if he is taking her to hospital with sympathy. Karthik says he don’t have time to answer her questions. Deepa says answer one question, are you getting me treated like your wife or Daughter in law of Soundarya or like orphan. Karthik says I’m getting you treated as a brought up father to kids. Deepa denies to go with him. Karthik tells her she is thinking like stupid. Deepa says you can think anything you want but I won’t visit hospital without identity so I need clarity. Karthik questions why she is stubborn.

Deepa says you cheated me. Karthik asks what. Deepa says you bought me here without giving any explanation and you killed my heart after bringing you here, isn’t it cheating. Karthik tells her I bought you guys here for your safety, don’t neglect you health otherwise it may get spoiled to the level where no Doctor can treat you. Deepa says this dizziness is common to me from years and I can’t come to hospital without surname. Karthik says don’t make me angry otherwise I will drag you to hospital. Deepa tells him he don’t have that right, husband is everything to married woman and if he denies to accept her than their is no life to her. Karthik asks her to step down from her stubbornness. Deepa in tears says my health is getting spoiled because of our issues, please believe Tulasi words and accept me as your wife than I will come from my death bed too otherwise it’s end and she leaves from that place. Karthik worriedly thinks about it.


Sourya goes to Hima and asks what’s she thinking. Hima says I’m thinking why Mom is staying in guest room. Sourya asks is that room is guest room? Didn’t you question Dad about it. Hima says Dad didn’t answered me. Sourya asks if she questioned their mom. Hima says no because her mood is not good plus both are not talking to eachother. Sourya asks Hima to question their Dad about it. Hima asks why can’t she question him. Sourya says Dad loves you but he just have sympathy towards me, Varanasi may answer our questions. Hima says let’s make Varanasi appoint as our driver, will he agree. Sourya says he will definitely agree for it.

Deepa angrily cuts veggies. Soundarya stops her saying she don’t need to cook and they asks Deepa to don’t lose her rights. Deepa asks how can I have rights when he denied to accept me as his wife. AnandRao says this house is belongs to you because You’re daughter in law of this house and whole property belongs to you. Deepa says I fought for my husband not for properties, noone is understanding my pain. Soundarya says we understood your pain, please stay strong until Karthik realises his mistake. Deepa says your son is playing with me like a doll and he forgot that I too have heart than why to live? She leaves from that place in tears.


Episode ends.

Precap – Sourya decides to test Karthik. Deepa thinks why she have to stay at Karthik place even after knowing he don’t love her.

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