Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 16th March 2021 Written Update: Chandrani demands to test Samaira’s love for Kuldeep – “”

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 16th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Chandrani getting shock seeing Samaira and ask her to take some hotel to stay while Samaira glares her stating that she will stay with Kuldeep in his bedroom. Kuldeep and Chandrani looks at her being stunned. Chandrani ask how can she stay with Kuldeep? To which Samaira comes inside and glares Shubhra. She takes water and sprinkles on her face cleaning the dust. She intentionally pours the water on Shubhra letting her loose her stole which she was using to cover herself. Shubhra drops her stole and Samaira gets furious seeing Shubhra in western dress.


Chandrani comes there and questions Samaira, To which Samaira replies that now she holds the place of Shubhra in Kuldeep’s life. Chandrani acts to be confused while Samaira encourages Kuldeep to tell the truth. He tries to make Samaira understand while she stays adamant.

He moves forward to explain himself to Chandrani while she twists his ears asking him to say the truth. He agrees to do so and sits on the couch along with Chandrani. She breaks the coconut seeing him silent and ask to start telling the matter. Samaira supports him asking not to be afraid of his mother. She states that if he wont tell the truth then she will leave him. She starts back counting when Kuldeep blurted out about their relationship in front of Chandrani.


He confessed about loving Samaira while Chandrani looks at him being shocked. He gets up and pours his heart out stating that he was just passing his days with Shubhra only fulfilling his duties as a husband and father. He continues that Samaira made him live a life which he always had desired about. He says that he is really happy with Samaira while Shubhra controls her emotions.

Chandrani looks at Shubhra while Samaira smirks. Chandrani starts beating her forehead while Kuldeep and Shubhra rushes to stop her. They looks at each other. Samaira interupts them and ask Shubhra to tell that she have already accepted Samaira and Kuldeep’s relationship. Shubhra holds Chandrani’s hand and looks at her while Samaira keeps telling about her relationship with Kuldeep.


Kuldeep holds Chandrani and ask her to punish him for his mistakes. He apologizes to her while she smiles looking at him. He gets confused while she says that she have accepted and poured her love towards Shubhra only because she was his wife and have taken care of him and the kids. She says that she only wants Kuldeep’s happiness and is with him in all his decisions. Samaira and Kuldeep gets happy. She holds Shubhra’s hand assuringly without letting anyone else notice it.

Samaira was about to hug Kuldeep in excitement when Chandrani stops her and says that Shubhra have left her parents and luxuries for Kuldeep but then their love faded away. She states that she will test Samaira’s love for Kuldeep that if she can sacrifice for him or not? To which Samaira denies to give any exam. Chandrani stays adamant saying that this time she don’t want to take any risk with her son’s love life. She emotionally blackmails Kuldeep while he says that he will talk to Samaira. He consoles his mother and drags Samaira inside while Chandrani winks at Shubhra.

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