Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 25th February 2021 Written Update: Kuldeep tries to convince Samaira to adopt Vedika – “”

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 25th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Kuldeep asking Samaira to adopt Vedika while she gets shocked and chokes on her food. She holds herself and thinks that she can’t let this happen. She fakes her cry stating that she is not heartless to leave her daughter but she always gets reminded of Anant’s assaults whenever she sees Vedika and that is why she can’t able to face her. She states that she feels suffocated in Vedika’s presence while Kuldeep calms her and ask her to try to mingle with Vedika. He assures her that Vedika can heal Samaira’s pain, To which Samaira nods asking him to give her some time. He agrees to her and feeds her the soup.


Shubhra talks with Varun sitting inside the police station. He states that it’s not possible to get bail for Anant as the rules are really strick in matter of women’s safety. She gets teary eyes saying that Anant is innocent, Varun nods understanding but states the fact which makes Shubhra worried. Varun somehow finds a solution and shares it with Shubhra. He says that it’s the only option left but it’s quite impossible to accomplish.

Shubhra goes inside Samaira’s room where Kuldeep is sitting along with her. Shubhra says that she have something important to talk to Samaira while Kuldeep denies to leave her alone. Shubhra looks at Samaira emphasising the importance. Samaira convinces Kuldeep to leave while he goes out reluctantly.


Shubhra looks at Samaira and directly ask her to take the case back while Samaira smirks getting up from the bed and taunts Shubhra for caring so much for Anant. She states her to be a fool and that is why she lost Kuldeep while she tagged herself to be smart to get Kuldeep’s love. Shubhra interrupts Samaira stating that she can do anything for getting Anant out of jail as she can’t see a daughter away from her father. She mocks Samaira to be heartless while Samaira keeps a condition for taking the case back. She ask Shubhra to go back to Pune along with her kids while Shubhra gets stunned.

Madhura says that Samaira will never agree to take the case back while Chandrani cries and blames herself for everything. She goes in front of god’s idol and shouts at it being angry for snatching her happiness. She says that she was at fault when she haven’t accepted Shubhra and Kuldeep’s relationship and continues that god have snatched her husband from her. She says that she was happy to get her family back but then god have snatched everything. Madhura tries to calm her worrying about her health while Chandrani sees the welcoming chart which she prepared for Shubhra and Kuldeep’s arrival and tears it furiously. Madhura ask her to calm herself as it will affect Shubhra. Chandrani gets hold of her emotions and states that she will never let Shubhra get defeated.


Shubhra looks at Samaira and agrees to her condition. She states that she feels suffocated here and agrees to leave. Samaira gets impressed by her decision. At that time Kuldeep gets inside while Samaira says that she is taking her case back. Kuldeep angrily moves towards Shubhra and ask what she have said to Samaira to manipulate her? To which Samaira says that she didn’t relaised that in order to punish Anant she is unknowingly affecting Vedika too. She fakes her concern towards Vedika’s health and says that Anant is a good father. Kuldeep smiles seeing Samaira’s nature and praises her for being an angel. He hugs her while she smirks looking at Shubhra. Shubhra leaves from there while Kuldeep watches her from corner of his eyes.

Anant gets released from the jail while Vedika hugs him tightly. He smiles seeing her and she questions about his injury. Shubhra makes her understand cooking up some stories while Vedika smiles. Kuldeep and Samaira comes there while Anant gets furious seeing her. Vedika puts her hand upon him while he gazes towards her.

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