Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 7th April 2021 Written Update: Shubhra mimicks Roli to cheer up Rishi – “”

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 7th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with, Roli being upset as she misses Rishi while Samaira tries to cheer her up; in order to impress Kuldeep. Roli fails Samaira’s attempt and ask Kuldeep to write a new letter for Rishi as he won’t like the one written by Samaira. Samaira gets irked but supresses her anger. She decides to win Roli’s heart in order to get Kuldeep.


On the other side Shubhra ask Madhura about her worries, To which Madhura cries showing her sympathy towards Shubhra’s condition. She gives some money to Shubhra and praises her for starting a new life on her own. Meanwhile, Shubhra denies to take the money and asks for Madhura’s blessings. She consoles Madhura and shows the confidence, which she have upon herself. She states that she will do anything to fulfill her dreams and will always protect herself and her kids. Madhura gets impressed by Shubhra’s confidence.

Shubhra says that she won’t ever stop because of any hurdle and determines to get back the previous version of herself. She ask Madhura to be with her in this new phase while Madhura gets emotional and caresses Shubhra’s face praising her initiative. They both hugs eachother while Rishi smiles and makes Roli also hear their conversation.


Shubhra starts her day with a new hope and prays to god for her kids. She wakes Rishi up and makes him get ready. She happily decides what to make for Rishi while he misses Roli and gets sad. On the other side, Chandrani wakes Roli; while she misses Shubhra and Rishi. Chandrani consoles her.

There, Rishi sits on the table being sad and stares at Roli’s plate, while Shubhra mimicks Roli; grabbing Rishi’s attention. She states that she will play Roli and acts like her. Rishi laughs seeing her behaving like Roli and gets happy seeing his favourite food. They both feeds eachother and shares some happy moments together “Hamesha And Forever plays” They enjoys their time with one-another and smiles wholeheartedly.


Madhura packs her bag to go to stay with Shubhra. Narayan comes there and glares at her. She informs him about going to Shubhra’s house and warns him not to say anything. He stares at her being silent and then forwards her bag which she was searching for. He goes without uttering a word while she smiles.

Samaira ask Phirki to serve sandwiches to Roli and Kuldeep. She fakes her sweetness towards Roli and tries to mingle with her. Here, Shubhra calls Chandrani and tells her about Roli’s likes and dislikes. She ask Chandrani to cut the corners of bread for Roli as she doesn’t like it. Chandrani goes to do so, but Samaira stops her; stating that she will do it. She cuts the bread corners while Roli denies to eat it. Roli ask for fruit while Samaira instantly comes forward to serve it to Roli but she denies to take it and grabs another apple. Samaira controls her anger while Chandrani provokes her. Chandrani decides to keep an eye on Samaira while Samaira glares them.

Episode ends.


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