Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 15th March 2021 Written Update: Amrit gets negative intuitions but why? – “”

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 15th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with showing how India and Pakistan partition creatrd tension and everyone is tensed hearing to radio. Some instaces are shown. At the same time, Lala ji says I knew it everything will be alright. Here, Amrit send a paper aeroplane to Vashma. Vashma sees it and comes to meet Amrit. Amrit gives Vashma a potli of Lahore sand. Amrit takes one potli for her. Vashma says this is the best gift ever, thank you.


Amrit says I have another very nice gift for you. Vashma asks what? Amrit says I have Uday’s childhood clothes for your baby. Vashma says wow, they are so cute and I will make my child as Uday only. Farooq will hear this and get angry. After Vashma leaves, Farooq comes and asks Amrit why is she talking to Vashma, doesn’t she has any good value system. Amrit says let me go. Farooq holds her but Amrit pushes him in anger and goes inside.

Here, Amrit is in the decorated hall of her home and thinks about all her moments in this house and gets emotional. A duppatta comes on Amrit’s face and Randhir comes there asking her what she is thinking about. Amrit blushes. Randhir pledges to give her lots of freedom and respect after marriage. They spend some cute romantic moments together. They both hear someone so they get far away from each other and smile.


Here, Rajrani and all women are making things ready for rasams. Bua ji comes and makes a scene and says did you guys remember how you need to leave the house tomorrow and laughs. She takes the locker keys from Rajrani. Amrit comes there and Rajrani changes the topic to avoid Amrit knowing the truth. Randhit comes and gives everyone a knife. A girl says is this for cutting our own nerves when britishers attack us. Randhir says no it’s for protecting ourselves. Then he teaches everyone how to use it for self defence. Amrit feels proud of Randhir. Randhir will teach all kind of moves to everyone. Bua ji deliberately tries to attack Randhir but he gives a good lesson to bua ji by dodging her.

Here, Farooq tells Abrar how he will not let Uday and his family at peace. Abrar says what should we do? Farooq says we will kill Uday and his whole family and ruin the wedding of Amrit. Radha will be listening to all this hiding. Farooq sees Radha and capture her. Radha tries to go out but fails. Farooq takes her with him. Here, Amrit will see the sand of Lahore and is emotional and then suddenly the potli has a whole and sand goes out. Amrit worries thinking it to be a sign that some difficulties might come in the wedding.


Precap: Farooq and Abrar instigates other about hindus. They attack Lala ji’s family and everyone is shocked seeing an injured Radha.

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