Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 17th January 2021 Written Update: Randheer overhears Amrit confessing that she loves him – “”

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 17th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress

The episode starts with Iqbal refusing to punish Vashma saying that she might have dropped the picture and a guy must have taken it. He says that it is good that the alliance got broken since he doesn’t want a guy who doesn’t trust his daughter: the one who cannot trust, cannot even love. Vashma smiles.


On the other hand, Amrit talks with Radha and says that she knows she didn’t hit Uday with the intention of hurting him. Radha denies that and says that she really felt bad so she beat him. Amrit insists for her to tell the truth. Radha denies again. She cries and removes the jewels saying that she just wanted Uday to call her mother: she might not be the one who gave him birth but she never thought to behave like a step mother.

Vashma comes and says that none cares about Uday more than her: his real mother would have done what she did as well. Vashma reveals Amrit that she and Uday love each other; she also tells Amrit that Uday was the one who attacked Farooq and got hit by Abrar therefore Radha hit Uday on the same spot where he got hurt avoiding anyone suspecting him. Amrit is hurt because Vashma hid such a big thing from her. Vashma says that she wanted to tell her first and wonders how Radha learnt about it. Radha tells her that she saw her and Uday together and felt like they were the couple in love in the movie. Seeing Uday hiding his wound, she understood there would have been a big trouble if someone came to know about it. Vashma hugs her since she has to leave house for saving Uday. The latter overhears them from the door. Radha says that she was born on road and will go there only while Uday will stay with them.


Radha takes her suitcase and walks away. She stops at the door where Uday looks at her and recalls the times he insulted her while she insisted for him to call her mother only by heart. Radha looks down crying and leaves. Amrit leaves too, not listening to Vashma. The latter cries and tells Uday that they broke hearts just to merge theirs and she feels like crying thinking about what Radha is going through. She asks Uday to stop Radha otherwise he will get separated from his mother again.

Radha walks downstairs and is about to leave when Uday comes and asks her not to leave. He tells Brij that he wants to call Radha, who is so nice, “mother” by heart. Brij agrees to let Radha stay. Uday apologizes to Radha touching her feet. She blesses him. Mogar thinks that Radha must know black magic and trapped Uday.


On the other hand, Vashma tries convincing Amrit that she didn’t have time to tell her about Uday. Amrit says that she told her every secret of her life while she has hidden the biggest secret of her life from her. She says that she won’t ever understand what she is going through and leaves hitting the kite with her and Vashma’s name which gets a cut. Vashma looks at it sadly.

In the meantime, Radha has decorated the room with colorful stuff and asks Brij to celebrate with her since Uday has called her mother by heart. Brij doesn’t take the glass she is offering and Radha realizes she hasn’t forgiven her yet. She holds her ears and promises not to ever hit Uday. She apologizes again and asks Brij to drink the mishri wala pani she has given him if he has forgiven her. He asks her to come closer. Radha asks if he will throw water on her. She gets closer and he whispers to her asking whether she will celebrate alone and won’t get him ready. Radha gets happy and drags him to dress him up matching her get up. Brij asks her to promise not to do ever something that might hurt him. Radha gets thoughtful.

Meanwhile, Randheer is sitting behind Sharfu who is riding cycle. He says that he refuses to believe that Amrit doesn’t love him since he has seen love for him in her eyes. Sharfu says that Amrit puts others’ happiness in front of hers so there must be a reason for her to refuse. Randheer says that the biggest reason behind Amrit’s refusal is his alliance with Kiranbala but she doesn’t know that his father loves him a lot and won’t ever deny him anything. He wants Amrit to accept her feelings after which he will talk to his father. Sharfu says that he has to hurry up since his father is coming the next day. Randheer is sure that Amrit will accept his feelings.


At the same time, Amrit drops the book Randheer gifted him. She holds it and cries recalling Randheer saying her that he loves her. She looks at the kite with her and Vashma’s name and remembers her confession. She wonders why she should share something with her when she hides everything. Uday comes and knocks at the door asking Amrit to have food. Amrit tells him that she is not hungry. Uday puts the food on the table and then leaves.

Vashma’s mother asks her to have food but she says she isn’t hungry so her mother leaves. Vashma looks at the bell she and Amrit use to call each other from the window. She grabs it and goes to the window. She sees Amrit in her room and rings the bell. Amrit looks at her and is about to go to her but then stops. Vashma keeps ringing the bell. Uday looks at them from the balcony. Amrit doesn’t go to Vashma so the latter goes back to her room and lies on the bed shedding tears.

The next day, Lala tells Iqbal that there is only one reason behind Vashma ringing the bell and Amrit not answering. Rajrani says that they argued. Radha asks whether they had a fight before also. Rajrani replies that it happened three years ago and they started talking to each other after two and half days. Radha asks how they solved the things between them. Lala says that they locked the two in the room and said that they won’t be left out unless they solve their argument. Iqbal asks Amrit if they should do the same again. Amrit walks away. Lala and Iqbal try guessing how long the fight will go on and bet one rupee.


Mogar asks Kiranbala if she knows what happened between Vashma and Amrit. Kiranbala replies she doesn’t. Mogar asks her to learn what happened and whose mistake it is.

Uday and Vashma meet. Vashma blames herself for Amrit being upset since Amrit has never hidden something from her while she has hidden such a big thing. Vashma tells Uday that they won’t meet each other until Amrit doesn’t forgive them since the relation that hurts her friend cannot give her happiness. Uday asks what if Amrit doesn’t forgive them ever. Vashma decides not to ever meet him in that case since she is ready to sacrifice love for friendship. Uday nods.

Amrit comes there. Vashma thinks she knows how to convince Amrit. She takes her in the room and locks themselves there saying that they can solve things now. Amrit says that she doesn’t want to solve. Vashma says that mistakes can happen and they confessed only few days ago not years ago, and not even a kiss happened. Amrit reminds her she is talking about her brother. Vashma says that she is shy and innocent that is why she didn’t tell her. Amrit teases her and smiles. She says that she is very happy for her. They hug. Amrit throws ink on Vashma who does the same to Amrit. They start a pillow fight and then lie down on bed. Amrit wishes there was a way to capture this moment. Vashma drags him away.

On the other hand, Radha gives pakode to Uday and tells him that she has hidden something from Brij for the first time and she won’t be able to hide about him and Vashma if Brij asks her. She sits in front of Uday and says that marriage between people who follow two different religions might not happen. Uday says that their families are friends since years. Radha asks about the threat Abrar gave him and adds that she won’t be able to save him from Brij’s beating. Uday asks her to give him two days after which he will tell everything to his father himself. Radha agrees and says that she will pray for him. She leaves after Brij asks her to get his blue turban. Then Brij asks Uday what Radha was talking to hide about. Uday lies that it was about hockey. Brij seems convinced.

Rajrani and Mogar notice Vashma and Amrit are together again. Rajrani says that they have gone through a lot and their friendship won’t break. Vashma takes Randheer’s camera and goes to the terrace to click photos. Vashma asks Amrit to pose and think the camera is Randheer himself. Amrit gets sad and tells her that Randheer confessed her that he loves her but she denied loving him. Vashma says that Kiranbala lied about being Ranjhan yet Randheer loves her so she shouldn’t have lied. Vashma sees Randheer and asks Amrit if she loves her more or Randheer. Amrit says that she is her life while Randher is her love. Randheer overhears that and smiles. Amrit wishes she could tell Randheer that she truly loves him. Vashma clicks pictures. Randheer stands behind her and clears his throat. Amrit turns and gets shocked finding Randheer there. Vashma leaves.


Amrit is about to leave but Randheer holds his wrist and says that he already knew but felt peace hearing it from her. He says that he feels like his every prayer has been heard and she can’t even deny now. Amrit shakes her head and removes her hand from his grip reminding Randheer that Lala has decided that he will marry Kiranbala and her happiness is not more important than her father’s respect. Randheer says that her yes was important for him and now he will talk with Lala and convince him. Amrit says that Kiranbala is her sister and she cannot do wrong with her. Randheer says that wrong will happen if he marries Kiranbala even though he doesn’t love her: three lives will be ruined if he marries Kiranbala. Amrit says that Lala won’t ever agree to break his alliance with Kiranbala and agree for theirs.

Episode ends

Precap: Randheer asks her parents to convince Lala to get him married to Amrit. Randheer’s father hugs his son happily saying that Lala agreed. Amrit is happy and shyly tells Vashma that tomorrow she is going to get engaged with Randheer Raizada. Mogar assures Kiranbala that she won’t let Randheer become Amrit’s.

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